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Travel Guide of Himachal Pradesh in India by Influencers

Himachal Pradesh is a state in the northern part of India. Situated in the Western Himalayas, it is one of the eleven mountain states and is characterized by an extreme landscape featuring several peaks and extensive river systems.

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Discover our travel guide of Himachal Pradesh in India made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Himachal Pradesh:

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Travel Tips for visiting Himachal Pradesh

Himachai Pradesh is a is a state in the north surrounded by the Himalayas and also the residence of the Dalai Lama. The complicated topography of the mountain ranges makes this territory a superb region for hiking, climbing and skiing. In the North, the immense Tibetan plateau with its numerous lakes, Countless monasteries have been built on the slopes of the Himalayas. Born from the union of 31 principalities in 1948, Himachal Pradesh is, as its name suggests, the land of mountains. This region will delight the walkers, the inveterate trekkers, the adventure sports enthusiasts (skiing, rafting, climbing, cycling...) and the nature lovers. Its mild temperatures during the dry season months attract many travelers. Aware of the quality of life that Himachal offers, many westerners have chosen to live there, especially in Manali. Others come to meditate in Dharamsala, the city of exile of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Whatever the case, travelers are unanimous: it is impossible to resist the charm of Himachal, the hospitality of its inhabitants and the beauty of its landscapes. An unforgettable journey. Manali is the most touristy city in Himachal Pradesh. This small town with the air of an alpine ski resort is the capital of outdoor activities in the state. Skiing, trekking, climbing, paragliding, rafting... The capital of the Tibetan government in exile is actually called MacLeod Ganj but everyone knows it as Dharamsala. The city, a mecca of "hippie" tourism is a happy mix of Buddhist monks, Tibetans in exile, local Indians, families and Western travelers... At the dawn of its existence, independent India offered to the architect "Le Corbusier" the conception and the realization of Chandigarh, a new city intended to replace Lahore, the capital lost in the partition between India and Pakistan.Nearby, is the Rock Garden, a curious garden designed by the artist Nek Chand, made of stone sculptures and colors releasing a soul in the heart of this immense site

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Chitkul is a village in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh

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