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Travel Guide of Westfjords Region in Iceland by Influencers

Stykkishólmur is a town and municipality situated in the western part of Iceland, in the northern part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It is a center of services and commerce for the area. Most of the people make their living from fishing and tourism. A ferry called Baldur goes over the Breiðafjörður fjord to the Westfjords. It also is the gateway to Flatey. The origin of Stykkishólmur can be traced to its natural harbor.

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Westfjords Region !

Discover our travel guide of Westfjords Region in Iceland made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Westfjords Region:

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Travel Tips for visiting Westfjords Region

The Westfjords Region in Iceland is the place to be for hikers and lovers of the great outdoors. Extremely isolated, the 22 000Km² peninsula is only connected by a 7km long isthmus. It is the least touristic region of the country and the least populated, and yet it offers an exceptional natural wealth. It is also the only region that is not crossed by road 1. Most of the roads are not paved and some of them are closed during the winter. The region has a singular history due to its isolation. The disasters at sea were numerous and led to the development of many pagan beliefs. The witch hunt was very active in the 17th century. Afterwards, Westfjords region developed around fishing. Several European countries came to claim territories where the waters are very fishy. They brought with them new fishing techniques and the region became a pioneer in the Icelandic fishing industry. Among the many sites to visit, the red beach of Rauðasandur is a must. It is more than 10 km long and offers a spectacular view of the Snæfellsjökul. Látrabjarg, the "bird cliff", is also a remarkable site. Migratory birds come to nest by millions on this impressive cliff which protects them from predators. The region also offers numerous waterfalls, including Dynjandi, hot springs such as Hellulaug and magnificent nature reserves such as Hornstrandir. Don't miss to climb Kaldbakur and its 998 meters high, which offers a spectacular view on the fjords. Finally, visit the many small traditional fishing villages like Vigur and Suðureyri, and the capital of the region Ísafjörður, which hosts a music festival during the Easter weekend. You will find unusual museums such as the sea monster museum in Bíldudalur and the witchcraft museum in Hólmavík.

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