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Travel Guide of Kowloon in Hong Kong by Influencers

Kowloon is an urban area in Hong Kong comprising the Kowloon Peninsula and New Kowloon. With a population of 2,019,533 and a population density of 43,033/km² in 2006, it is the most populous urban area in Hong Kong. The peninsula's area is about 47 km².

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What you will see and do in Kowloon:

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Travel Tips for visiting Kowloon

The "nine dragons", or rather Kowloon, is a part of Hong Kong, located in the north of the island. This includes the Kowloon Peninsula which forms the southern part of the Hong Kong mainland
The name "nine dragons" is indeed sometimes given to it, referring to the nights peaks that the territory counts and to the Chinese emperor (who counts as the ninth). 
With more than 2 million inhabitants and an area of only 70 square kilometres, Kowloon is extremely populated, making it a busy place with many attractions. 

You can start by visiting Victoria Harbour, one of the world's largest harbours and a natural bay, not far from Hong Kong's towering skyline. From this harbour you can take a ferry crossing and enjoy the breathtaking view of the deep waters and Kowloon.

Continue your relaxation and head to Kowloon Park, where a former British military base was located. The park is a real oasis of plants and various vegetation. You will also have the opportunity to admire contemporary art sculptures on Sculpture Walk. There are also playgrounds for children and a multi-sports hall. Everything is prepared for relaxation.

Kowloon Citadel Park is also popular for its soothing gardens. The park is full of relics from the past, such as the 19th century Kowloon magistrate's office, the traditional architecture of the Yamen, the former main entrance to the fortified garrison.

After the serenity, if you want to soak up the good atmosphere of Kowloon, don't hesitate to take a stroll to the Ladies' Market: an opportunity for you to do some souvenir shopping at the traditional markets and taste delicious specialties.
Tsim Sha Tsui is also an area to visit. You can find many galleries, shopping malls and office towers. Passing through Nathan Road and Canton Road will allow you to take a pleasant stroll past some of the more luxurious shops.
The area is also full of museums, including the Museum of Art and the Space Museum, which are a must-see.

Kowloon is a very busy area but also has some quieter and more relaxing areas, so it's still very interesting, something for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Kowloon

What language is spoken in Kowloon?

In Kowloon, the local language is Cantonese, but English is also widely spoken, given Hong Kong's colonial past with the UK. 

The currency used in Kowloon is the Hong Kong dollar. It is necessary to have something to exchange to pay in Hong Kong dollars. 

Three or four days are perfect to visit Kowloon and its surroundings.

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