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Travel Guide of Corfu in Greece by Influencers and Travelers

Corfu or Kerkyra is a city and a former municipality on the island of Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform, it is part of the municipality of Corfu island. It is the capital of the island and of the Corfu regional unit.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit in Corfu


1 - Museum of Asian Art of Corfu

The Museum of Asian Art of Corfu is a museum in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George in Corfu, Greece. The only museum in Greece dedicated to the art of Asia, it has collections of Chinese art, Japanese art, Indian art and others.

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Museum of Asian Art of Corfu things to do in Corfu Museum of Asian Art of Corfu things to do in Corfu

2 - Kerkyra

Corfu or Kerkyra is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands, and, including its small satellite islands, forms the margin of the northwestern frontier of Greece.

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Kerkyra things to do in Corfu

3 - Paragliding in Corfu

   9 km away

Create unforgettable memories with this exciting tandem paragliding flight in Corfu and make your holiday in Greece a thrilling adventure!An experience for everyone who wants to live epic moments in Corfu in all safety. Your friendly and professional...

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Paragliding in Corfu things to do in Corfu

4 - Faliraki

Faliraki is the primary seaside resort village on the Greek island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese. It is situated on Faliraki Bay, on the northeastern coast, about 14 km south of the town of Rhodes and 10 km southeast of the airport.

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Faliraki things to do in Corfu

5 - Pontikonisi

Pontikonisi is a Greek islet near the island of Corfu. Its prominent feature is a Byzantine chapel of Pantokrator, dating from the 11th or 12th century.

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Pontikonisi things to do in Corfu Pontikonisi things to do in Corfu

6 - Scuba Diving in Corfu

   6 km away

Explore the hidden underwater world of the beautiful island of Corfu on this thrilling scuba diving discovery experience! If you are in Corfu for holidays one of the things you have to do is learn how to scuba dive. Even with no experience, you can&n...

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Scuba Diving in Corfu things to do in Corfu

7 - Old Venetian Fortress

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Old Venetian Fortress things to do in Corfu

8 - Kanoni

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Kanoni things to do in Corfu

9 - 4x4 in Corfu

Embark on an action-packed adventure that will reward you with incredible, panoramic views of Corfu as you explore Mount Pantokrator, traditional villages, and non-touristic areas! Your off-road jeep tour starts from the city center of...

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4x4 in Corfu things to do in Corfu

10 - Corfu Sailing

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Corfu Sailing things to do in Corfu

11 - Channel of Vivari

   16 km away

The Vivari Channel links Lake Butrint in Albania with the Straits of Corfu, and forms a border of the peninsula of Butrint. The channel flows in both directions, from the lake to the sea and vice versa during the rising tide.

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Channel of Vivari things to do in Corfu

12 - Parasailing in Corfu

   10 km away

Feel free and experience the thrill of parasailing above the crystal clear waters of Dassia beach in Corfu and witness the breathtaking views from above. This Parasailing experience is the ultimate combination of air and water and a must if you're in...

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Parasailing in Corfu things to do in Corfu

13 - Butrint National Park

   16 km away

The Butrint National Park is a national park in southern Albania, located 18 kilometres south of Sarandë in Vlorë County. The park encompasses 9,424 hectares of hilly terrain with freshwater lakes, wetlands, salt marshes, open plains, reed beds and islands.

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Butrint National Park things to do in Corfu Butrint National Park things to do in Corfu

14 - Liapades

   16 km away

Liapades is a medium-sized village located on the northwest side of Corfu, 3 km away from Palaiokastritsa. It has a quiet, agriculture-based economy during the winter.

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Liapades things to do in Corfu

15 - Stand up Paddle in Corfu

   10 km away

Discover the beautiful crystal clear waters of Dassia beach in Corfu on your paddle! Paddleboarding in Dassia is a unique experience and it is suitable for anyone who is trying this sport for the first time. Both individuals and groups enjoy SUP (sho...

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Stand up Paddle in Corfu things to do in Corfu

16 - Ksamil Islands

   18 km away

The Islets of Ksamil, consist of four rocky islets located in the direct proximity to the Ionian Sea in Southern Albania. The village of Ksamil, after whom the islets are named, is located to the east of the islets.

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Ksamil Islands things to do in Corfu Ksamil Islands things to do in Corfu

17 - Palaiokastritsa

   19 km away

Palaiokastritsa is a village in northwestern Corfu. Corfu has been suggested to be the mythical island of the Phaeacians, and the bay of Palaiokastritsa to be the place where Odysseus disembarked and met Nausicaa for the first time, see Geography of the Odyssey.

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Palaiokastritsa things to do in Corfu

18 - Bay of Palaiokastritsa

   20 km away

Palaiokastritsa is a village in northwestern Corfu, Greece. Corfu has been suggested to be the mythical island of the Phaeacians and the bay of Palaiokastritsa to be the place where Odysseus disembarked and met Nausicaa for the first time.

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Bay of Palaiokastritsa things to do in Corfu

19 - Corfu, Skeloudi Rock

   20 km away
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Corfu, Skeloudi Rock things to do in Corfu

20 - Angelokastro

   21 km away

Angelokastro is a Byzantine castle on the island of Corfu, Greece. It is located at the top of the highest peak of the island's shoreline in the northwest coast near Palaiokastritsa and built on particularly precipitous and rocky terrain.

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Angelokastro things to do in Corfu

21 - Acharavi

   21 km away

Acharavi is a settlement in the northern coast of Corfu, Greece. The area offers a view of the Albanian coast. It is the seat of the municipality North Corfu.

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Acharavi things to do in Corfu

22 - Twin Bays of Porto Timoni

   25 km away
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Twin Bays of Porto Timoni things to do in Corfu

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Why should you visit Corfu ?

Travel to Corfu if you like:

  🏖️ Ocean     🏘️ Town     🐾 Wildlife     🏖️ Beach  

How to visit Corfu ?

Why traveling to Corfu?

Corfu, a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, is known for its stunning beaches, lush green landscapes, and rich cultural history. The island offers a unique blend of ancient Greek and Venetian architecture, making it a must-visit destination for history buffs and beach lovers alike. Corfu also boasts vibrant nightlife, delicious local cuisine, and charming villages, making it the perfect destination for a memorable vacation.

How to get there?

The easiest way to reach Corfu is by flying. Corfu International Airport (CFU) is well-connected to major European cities, especially during the summer months. You can also reach Corfu by ferry from the Greek mainland (Igoumenitsa) or from Italy (Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, or Venice). Once in Corfu, you can rent a car or use public transportation (buses) to explore the island.

What to book in advance?

It's recommended to book your accommodations and any guided tours in advance, particularly during the high season (June to September). Some popular attractions, such as the Achilleion Palace and the Old Fortress, may require advanced booking for guided tours. If you plan on renting a car, it's also a good idea to reserve one beforehand, as rental agencies can run out of vehicles during peak season.

What are the costs?

Corfu is generally an affordable destination, with budget accommodations starting from €20 per night and mid-range options from €50. Meals at local tavernas can range from €10 to €20 per person, while entry fees for attractions are usually between €5 and €10. Car rentals can cost between €20 and €50 per day, depending on the season and type of vehicle.

Best things to do

1. Explore Corfu Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its narrow streets, Venetian architecture, and historical sites like the Old Fortress and St. Spyridon Church.
2. Visit the Achilleion Palace, a beautiful palace built by Empress Elisabeth of Austria, featuring stunning gardens and views.
3. Relax on one of Corfu's many beaches, such as Paleokastritsa, Glyfada, and Sidari.
4. Take a boat trip to explore the nearby islands, like Paxos and Antipaxos, famous for their crystal-clear waters and beaches.
5. Discover traditional villages such as Kassiopi, Agios Gordios, and Pelekas, offering authentic Greek experiences and breathtaking views.

Where to eat?

1. The Venetian Well: Located in Corfu Town, this restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on local Corfiot dishes.
2. Etrusco: A fine dining experience in Kato Korakiana, offering Italian and Mediterranean cuisine using fresh, local ingredients.
3. Roula's Taverna: A traditional Greek taverna in Agios Gordios, serving homemade Corfiot dishes in a cozy atmosphere.

Where to stay?

1. Bella Venezia Hotel: A charming boutique hotel in Corfu Town, housed in a neoclassical mansion.
2. Mayor Mon Repos Palace: A luxurious 4-star hotel in Corfu Town, offering elegant rooms and a prime location near the airport.
3. Marbella Nido Suite Hotel and Villas: A 5-star resort in Agios Ioannis Peristeron, featuring luxurious suites and villas, a private beach, and fine dining options.

Off the beaten path

For an unusual travel experience, visit the abandoned village of Old Perithia, located in the mountains of Corfu. This village dates back to the 14th century and once thrived during the Venetian era. Today, it offers a unique glimpse into the past, with its stone-built houses, narrow streets, and beautiful views of the island. While some locals have started to restore the village, it remains a hidden gem and a perfect place to experience Corfu's rich history away from the crowds.

Learn More about Corfu

Corfu, romantic pearl of the Ionian Sea with Italian charm Located between the heel of Italy and the west coast of Greece, a few kilometers from the coast of Albania, Corfu (or Kerkira), which legend says is blessed by the gods, marks the border between the western and eastern Roman empires. An island that combines history and summer atmosphere, the mountain with the sea, the classical spirit with modernity. You will find a huge choice of beaches and coves among the most beautiful of the Ionian islands, but also a cultural heritage and a hinterland that have always ensured its tourist success. Known for its capital city,Corfu also offers a beautiful hinterland with small picturesque villages, green valleys that plunge towards paradisiacal sandy beaches bordering a sea of emerald and turquoise waters. The old town of Corfu, at the confluence of cultures and civilizations, is the jewel of the island. It offers an extraordinary architectural heritage, a true mosaic of European influences and you will be surprised to discover between the imposing fortresses of the colored buildings that remind Italy while the large pedestrian esplanade is lined with French-style arcades on the model of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. A little further on, the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George reminds us that Corfu was part of the British protectorate until it became part of Greece in 1864. The historic center bounded by the Old Port and the two forts includes a number of small neighborhoods that should be explored on foot: the popular and medieval Campiello on the hill above the harbor; Kofineta which extends around the Spianada; Agii Apostoli around the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Spiliotissa (Mitropolis); while nestled around the Neo Frourio is what remains of the old Jewish quarter. Organize yourself to come to Corfu early in the morning and leave very late in the evening to avoid the crowds of tourists who disembark from buses at 10 am in high season

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