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Travel Guide of Dresden in Germany by Influencers

Dresden is the capital city of the German state of Saxony and its second most populous city, after Leipzig. It is the 12th most populous city of Germany, the fourth largest by area, and the third most populous city in the area of former East Germany, following only Berlin and Leipzig.

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Discover our travel guide of Dresden in Germany made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

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Travel Tips for visiting Dresden

Capital of Saxony and second most populous city in the Länder, Dresden is the fourth largest city in Germany (behind Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne). Populated by 530 754 inhabitants (2013), the city nicknamed the "Florence of the Elbe" is a major political and cultural center of East Germany: its baroque architecture and art collections turn Dresden into a rich architectural and artistic heritage city. Ravaged and bruised by the English firebombing of February 1945, the city was rebuilt and its heritage was restored by the Soviet GDR. Wondering what to do in Dresden? Founded on a former Slavic fisher village, the city of Dresden is today an open-air museum: between the old town and the new town, most of the things to do in Dresden are in the city center. Bordered by the Elbe River, the Old Town of Dresden is the district that concentrates the large majority of the historical monuments that are a must to see when visiting Dresden. Ravaged after 1945, the city center was only completely rebuilt after the reunification in 1990! A good thing about Dresden is that the old city center is exclusively reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. From the Theaterplatz to the city castle and the famous Sepmeroper, let yourself be carried away by Dresden's fascinating history! Situated a few feet from the banks of the Elbe, the Holy Trinity Cathedral - Hofkirche - is a must-see when visiting Dresden and its old town. Built in 1739-55 to rival the Protestant Frauenkirche, the Catholic Holy Trinity Cathedral is considered one of the largest churches in Saxony.

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