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Travel Guide of Vashlovani in Georgia by Influencers and Travelers

Vashlovani Strict Nature Reserve is a protected area in Dedoplistsqaro Municipality, Kakheti region of Georgia on Shiraqi mountain range and Georgian bank of Alazani River, at elevation 300-600 meters above sea level.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit around Vashlovani

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1 - National Botanical Garden of Tbilisi city

   9 km away
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National Botanical Garden of Tbilisi city things to do in Vashlovani

2 - Dzveli Tbilisi

   10 km away

Marabda is a community in Georgia, located some 23 km south of the capital Tbilisi, and a few kilometers north of Marneuli. It consists of three villages Akhali Marabda, Kotishi and Dzveli Marabda.

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Dzveli Tbilisi things to do in Vashlovani

3 - Shore Excursions in Tbilisi

   13 km away

Explore the wine-producing region of Georgia, Kakheti. Discover an enchanting city of love, Sighnaghi, with its wonderful Alazani valley. On the way, we visit Badiauri village, where you are welcome to taste delicious Georgian bread, cheese, and Chacha. Just 2 km far from Signaghi, there is Bodbe Nunnery. Bodbe Nunnery of St. Nino is located in Kakheti, 2 kilometers away from Sighnaghi. According to the legend, it is built on the burial place of Saint Nino. A saint for Georgians who converted their religion into Christianity. Then we have a lovely trip to Sighnagi- the City of Love, one of the most beautiful towns, with its unusually peculiar architecture, charming houses. The next stop is Khareba Winery, Georgia’s most extensive wine cellar, where we have a tour and wine degustation. The last stop is Kindzmarauli Corporation for more wine degustation. Both wineries are so famous for foreigners. Discover wine region, try Georgian wines and make unforgettable memories.

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Shore Excursions in Tbilisi things to do in Vashlovani

4 - Turtle Lake

   10 km away

Turtle Lake is a direct English translation of Kus Tba, a small lake at the outskirts of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, so named due to the perceived abundance of turtles living in these places.

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Turtle Lake things to do in Vashlovani

5 - Gabriadze

   10 km away
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Gabriadze things to do in Vashlovani Gabriadze things to do in Vashlovani

6 - Culinary Tour in Tbilisi

   13 km away

The tour will be held in Kakheti region, main wine producing region of Georgia and will last for circa 9-10 hrs. Includes 3 tastings at different wineries (organic, family, conventional) and a lunch. During this experience you will sample unique Georgian red and white varieties of wines produced according to the Georgian clay vessel "Qvevri" technology. First stop - village Badiauri to taste fresh-baked Georgian bread directly from bakery paired with local cheese. Next stop - unique fortified town of Sighnaghi. Stroll through narrow cobble stone streets of town ending the visit with tasting of 3 type of wines and Chacha (Grape Vodka) at Okros organic winery or Cradle of Wine. Lunch at family winery with unlimited wine. 3rd tasting (2 types of wine) in former bomb shelter underground tunnel of Khareba winery.

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Culinary Tour in Tbilisi things to do in Vashlovani

7 - Rike Park

   10 km away
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Rike Park things to do in Vashlovani

8 - Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral

   11 km away

The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, commonly known as Sameba, is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

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Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral things to do in Vashlovani Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral things to do in Vashlovani

9 - Archaeology Tours in Tbilisi

   13 km away

Depart from Tbilisi on a private day trip via ancient capital Mtskheta, Jvari Monastery, ski resort Gudauri and Stepantsminda/Kazbegi. First stop at Jvari monastery VI c. UNESCO sight, Jinvali Water Reservoir, Ananuri Fortress, confluence of 2 Aragvi Rivers, Geo-Rus "friendship" monument, and the town of Stepantsminda/Kazbegi, Gergeti Trinity Church (limited availability in winter period). On the way back, you can visit ancient capital Mtskheta and Svetitskhoveli cathedral XI c. UNESCO sight. YOU WILL SPEND TOTALLY AROUND 7hrs IN THE CAR, THE ITINERARY IS QUITE INTENSE. WE CAN OFFER EXCLUSIVE OVERNIGHT IN ROOMS HOTEL KAZBEGI WITH AN EXTRA COST.

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Archaeology Tours in Tbilisi things to do in Vashlovani

10 - Tbilisi

   13 km away

Tbilisi, in some countries also still known by its pre-1936 international designation, Tiflis, is the capital and the largest city of Georgia, lying on the banks of the Kura River with a population of approximately 1.5 million people.

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Tbilisi things to do in Vashlovani Tbilisi things to do in Vashlovani

11 - The Chronicle of Georgia

   18 km away

The Chronicle of Georgia is a monument located near the Tbilisi sea. It was created by Zurab Tsereteli in 1985 but was never fully finished. The monument chronicles the history of Georgia. The monument sits at the top of a large set of stairs.

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The Chronicle of Georgia things to do in Vashlovani

12 - Safaris in Tbilisi

   13 km away

More than you can imagine! Martian landscapes right on Earth! The extraordinary site with fantastic semi-desert landscapes – Davit-Gareja cave monastery, located 100km southeast of Tbilisi, was founded in the 6th century by David (St. David Garejeli). You can do a one-day trip from Tbilisi to the Georgian desert and see rainbow mountains.

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Safaris in Tbilisi things to do in Vashlovani

13 - Tbilisi National Park

   33 km away

Mtirala National Park is a protected area in Adjara region, Western Georgia. Covering approximately 15,698 hectares in Municipalities of Kobuleti, Khelvachauri and Keda in the western Lesser Caucasus, it is situated between the Black Sea and the Adjara Mountains.

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Tbilisi National Park things to do in Vashlovani Tbilisi National Park things to do in Vashlovani

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Learn More about Vashlovani

Vachlovani National Park is a 94.98 square miles (246.1 km2) protected area in southeastern Georgia bordering Azerbaijan, established in 1935 to preserve its unique deep forests. In 2003, the area of the reserve was expanded to 32.43 square miles (84.80 km2) and it was granted the status of a national park. The area is characterized by its dry climate, sitting only 164-492 feet (50-150 meters) above sea level.

This park offers landscapes with 1000 contrasts and the fauna is rich. If you want to feel alone in the world, close to nature, and off the beaten track, this is a step not to be missed. It is remarkable for its unique areas of desert and semidesert vegetation and arid steppe and deciduous forests, but also for its plains, large cliffs, and canyons, known locally as "sharp walls".

This park, with the appearance of a savanna, presents multiple reliefs, marked by erosion. There is a very important fauna and flora, with more than 100 species of birds and 600 types of plants. Also, there are many mammals in the park, you will be able to meet gazelles, otters, hyenas and many others.

Around the protected areas of Vashlovani you can see two beautiful rivers - Alazani and Iori. This National Park is interesting for its specific climate. A typical day here is dry and hot. Actually, on the Vashlovani Nature Reserve territory, there is one of the driest deserts in the country.

It is the perfect place to go on a safari if you love nature and wildlife. To visit the park, prefer spring and autumn when the wildlife is more active because the heat is extremely strong in summer.

This park is not very well known and yet it is worth the detour, you will be completely disoriented in its landscapes similar to those of Africa, a real breath of fresh air.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Vashlovani

Are there any permits to have to visit the Vashlovani National Park?

Yes, there are a few administrative procedures you need to take to enter the park. First, go to the visitors' office, this is where you will pay for the entrance to Vashlovani National Park and initiate your application for a permit. You will need to provide the office with several documents: a copy of your passport, a copy of the page with the entry stamp to Georgia, and a copy of the vehicle registration document of the vehicle you plan to use to enter the park. The center will then take care of sending the documents to the border police. 
Once you have completed the formalities at the visitors' center, you can go to the border police to collect your entry permits. The permits are ready within 40 minutes after the documents are sent.

You must take food and drink inside the park, you can also take camping equipment if you want to camp inside the park on the campsites, and it is imperative to travel with a vehicle adapted to this type of road.

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