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Travel Guide of Eiffel Tower in France by Influencers

The Eiffel Tower is a wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Eiffel Tower !

Discover our travel guide of Eiffel Tower in France made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Eiffel Tower:

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Travel Tips for visiting Eiffel Tower

It alone symbolizes Paris and France abroad

It is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. This great iron tower, which today measures 324 meters, with its antennas,

The tower was originally only 312 meters high, which did not prevent it from remaining the tallest monument in the world for 41 years.
Work began on 28 January 1887 and in just two years, two months, and five days, Parisians saw the world's tallest tower rise. From the very first digging, there were protests from artists such as Charles Gounod, Charles Garnier, Alexandre Dumas fils, and Guy de Maupassant, who cried that Paris would be disfigured. However, from the time of its inauguration to the closing of the Universal Exhibition, the tower only amazed the public and welcomed 2 million visitors.

It is impossible for tourists to visit the French capital without seeing the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower was designed by the French engineer Alexandre-Gustáve Eiffel for the 1889 World Fair in Paris. It commemorated the centenary of the French Revolution. Its construction lasted a little more than two years and 250 workers working on it. Initially, the tower was the subject of controversy: the artists of the time considered it monstrous and, given its low profitability at the end of the exhibition, the possibility of demolishing it on several occasions was raised.

Initially, Eiffel presented his tower project to the Barcelona City Council, but they rejected the project. After Barcelona's rejection, Eiffel presented his project to the officials of the Paris World Fair. They agreed to build the tower, although without much enthusiasm. And, in addition, with the character of temporary construction, for which the year 1900 was set as the deadline for its dismantling.


A change in history

However, it would be the French army that would end up saving the life of the Eiffel Tower, since after some military tests with transmission equipment it was concluded that the tower was a privileged place for the installation of antennas and radio equipment. With this, the Eiffel Tower already had a practical use that would justify its amnesty and stop the projects of dismantling. With it, messages were captured that helped the allies in a decisive way.


Today and thanks to the rise of Paris as an international tourist destination, the Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument in the world with more than 7 million visitors annually. And it is not for less. At its feet, you can see a sunset like this one I was able to contemplate. You can sit on the lawns of the Champ de Mars, stroll to the Trocadero, ride a merry-go-round at

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What is the price of a visit to the Eiffel Tower?

Here are the Adults rate :

  • Rate 2nd floor - elevator 16,60 euros 
  • Rate 2nd floor - stairs 10,40 euros 5,2s
  • Summit rate - elevator 25,90 euros 
  • Summit rate - stairs + elevator 19,70 euros

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