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Travel Guide of Mont Saint-Michel in France by Influencers and Travelers

Mont Saint-Michel is a rocky island that stands alone in the middle of a sandy plain in Normandy, France and is topped by a famous 11th century abbey. ...

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How to visit Mont Saint-Michel ?

To get to Mont Saint-Michel, you can take a train from Paris to Rennes, which takes about 2 hours, and then a direct bus (Keolis Emeraude) from Rennes to Mont Saint-Michel, which takes another 1.5 hours. Alternatively, you can drive there, but be prepared to park in one of the designated parking lots, as private vehicles are not allowed on the island.

It is highly recommended to book your entrance ticket to the Abbey in advance, especially during peak season. You can purchase a combined ticket that includes access to the Abbey and a guided tour. Booking a guided tour is a great way to gain insight into the history and significance of this magnificent site.

The cost of visiting Mont Saint-Michel varies depending on your mode of transportation, entrance fees, and other expenses. Expect to pay around €10 for the Abbey entrance, and an additional €10-15 for a guided tour. Parking costs around €14 per day.

Some of the best things to do at Mont Saint-Michel include:

1. Exploring the Abbey with its impressive architecture and stunning views of the bay.
2. Strolling through the medieval village, with its narrow cobblestone streets and charming shops.
3. Visiting the Maritime Museum, which showcases the history and ecology of the bay.
4. Taking a guided walk across the bay during low tide, which offers a unique perspective of Mont Saint-Michel.

For dining options, consider La Mère Poulard, a historic restaurant famous for its fluffy omelettes, or La Ferme Saint-Michel, which offers traditional French cuisine made from local ingredients. For a more casual experience, try Le Relais Saint-Michel, which serves crepes and other local specialties.

As for accommodations, consider staying at Les Terrasses Poulard, a charming hotel located in the heart of the village, or Auberge Saint-Pierre, a cozy inn that offers a true medieval experience. For a more modern and luxurious stay, book a room at the Mercure Mont Saint Michel, located just outside the island.

Off the beaten path:

One unusual experience to have at Mont Saint-Michel involves timing your visit to coincide with the high tides. These tides transform the landscape, submerging the causeway and creating the illusion that Mont Saint-Michel is floating on water. Be sure to check the tide schedule when planning your visit and prepare to witness this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.

In conclusion, Mont Saint-Michel offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers seeking history, culture, and stunning natural beauty. By following these tips and recommendations, you'll be well-prepared to make the most of your visit to this enchanting medieval site.

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Learn More about Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is a rocky island that stands alone in the middle of a sandy plain in Normandy, France and is topped by a famous 11th century abbey. 
It has the particularity of being erected on a rocky islet, surrounded by a magnificent bay, theater of the biggest tides of continental Europe. The Mont and its bay are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Between Normandy and Brittany, this grandiose site, located 3 hours 30 minutes from Paris, is one of the most visited sites in France.

Linked to the continent by a narrow road that the high tides sometimes make disappear completely, the Mont Saint Michel is a major tourist attraction with many visits and excellent restaurants. The illuminations that light up the island at dusk are absolutely magical.

It is the maritime environment that determined the choice of the monks of the Middle Ages to settle on this precise spot and to build what was to become one of the most extraordinary buildings of religious architecture. Aubert, bishop of Avranches, is said to have founded a sanctuary on Mont-Tombe in 708, after three successive apparitions of the archangel Saint Michael. 
Overlooking the immensity of the bay, the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is the highlight of the visit. 
To have another point of view on the Wonder, we can only advise you to cross the bay with a guide.

The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is the scene of the biggest tides in continental Europe. Come to assist to the high tides and admire the spectacle that nature offers you! 
Some days of the year are more suitable to observe this phenomenon. As soon as the tidal coefficient exceeds 110, the Mont becomes an island again, for a few hours. The water comes to cover the submersible ford. The rock is then cut off from its access.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Mont Saint-Michel

How to reach the Mont Saint-Michel?

It all depends on where you start from.
You can get there by train from Paris. The closest train station to Mont-Saint-Michel is Pontorson.

By car, the parking lot is now located 2.5 kilometers from Mont-Saint-Michel intra-muros. Free shuttle buses and pedestrian paths lead visitors to the Mont. The horse-drawn shuttle is a nice alternative to get to the Mont.
On foot, visitors can take the new footbridge, which blends in beautifully with the landscape.
In the shuttle, passengers are dropped off 400 meters from Mont-Saint-Michel, so that only pedestrians have a clear view of the Mont and the bay.

In order to observe the phenomenon of the rising tide and the arrival of the tidal bore at Mont Saint-Michel, it is recommended to be present 2 hours before the time of high tide.

Observe the phenomenon from the Mount, the ramparts, the West Terrace (in front of the abbey, access to which is included in the visit), or the new footbridge. On high tide days, young and old alike enjoy being there to watch the sea rise at an impressive speed. It is a very nice moment.

The bay is also a privileged "observation post": the Roche Torin in Courtils, the Grouin du Sud in Vains-Saint-Léonard or the Gué de l'Epine in Val-Saint-Père.

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