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Travel Guide of Marseille in France by Influencers

Marseille is the prefecture of the department of Bouches-du-Rhône and region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur in France. It is located on the Mediterranean coast near the mouth of the Rhône.

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Marseille !

Discover our travel guide of Marseille in France made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Marseille:

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Travel Tips for visiting Marseille

Marseille offers a unique landscape.

With its basilica Notre Dame de La Garde, its Mediterranean sea, and its port,

Famous for its creeks, the second most populated city in France has an impressive historical heritage:

  • The cobbled Panier district, the "bonne mère", the château d'If, the abbey of Saint-Victor, the fort Saint-Jean...

The oldest city in France (about -600 BC) also knows how to be festive with the Panier district and the Cours Julien, and how to be relaxed with the Prado beach.
There are cities whose name is enough to warm the hearts. It must be said that the sun of Marseille is not a legend. Neither is its soccer club, its pastis, or its bouillabaisse.

But besides these clichés full of good humor, the city of Marseille has much more to offer. And it is no longer the preserve of business tourism.

The megalopolis was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2013

The host city for the Euro in 2016. To celebrate these events with dignity, Marseille has made a new skin and new streets

In addition to its new features, Marseille can count on its long-standing allies. An old port that's as cute as can be, the Panier district where it's good to stroll, crowded café terraces, beautiful creeks, nearby beaches, or a vibrant nightlife in a trendy district...
It's a safe bet that the years to come will be Marseilles' ones. And that the city will proudly show itself off to the whole of France after having been turned towards the sea for years.

Marseille: what to do?

  • Climb by car, by train, by scooter, or on foot the hill that hosts Notre Dame de la Garde at its summit.
In addition to the 360° view of the city, you can admire the heart and the choir of the Good Mother.
  • Get lost in the maze of narrow streets of the charming Panier district.
  • Try the bars, cafes, and restaurants of the trendy Cour Julien district.
  • Stroll around the Old Port, keeping in mind that the place is ultra-touristy and that prices are therefore higher than in other areas.
  • Visit the famous Velodrome stadium, soccer fan or not. Because here soccer is more than a sport, the inhabitants of Marseille are devoted to the game.
  • If the view on the small port of the Vallon des Auffes is already magnificent from the Corniche, we advise you to go down the steps to admire it more closely.

More known for its creeks than for its works of art, the city offers a great cultural offer thanks to the numerous museums that populate its streets.
Don't miss the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, the first national museum to open its doors outside the capital.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Marseille

Why visit Marseille?

Marseille, the generous capital of southern Europe, immediately immerses you in a Provençal bath, where the accent is singing and the folklore popular.

A sunny city, its evocation transports you directly into the films of Pagnol. The Phocaean city can be visited for its Old Port, its renewed districts of the Panier and the Docks, its bouillabaisse, and its Pastis. Named European Capital of Culture in 2013, Marseille intends to show another face than that of its agitated suburbs. Its luminous cornice in front of the deep blue Mediterranean, its wild creeks, or the Pharo gardens are a must.
A little further, the Frioul Islands with the Château d'If complete a wonderful escapade in the land of the Good Mother

  • A large (or small) block of real Marseille soap.
  • One (or more) bottle of pastis.
  • An Olympique de Marseille jersey

Don't leave without tasting the navettes, a boat-shaped cookie.

The pastry shops are full of various cakes from neighboring cities, such as calissons (almond paste) from Aix en Provence.
In addition to the famous bouillabaisse (which we advise you not to eat just anywhere), Marseille is the pizza specialist!

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