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Travel Guide of Bordeaux in France by Influencers

Bordeaux is a port city on the Garonne in the Gironde department in Southwestern France. The municipality of Bordeaux proper has a population of 257,804.

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Bordeaux !

Discover our travel guide of Bordeaux in France made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Bordeaux:

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Travel Tips for visiting Bordeaux

A city in the heart of French culture

The capital of Aquitaine, Bordeaux is the second most important city in France for its UNESCO World Heritage monuments. It is a beautiful city in southwest France, but it is not only worth visiting for its history. It is also the home of the Bordeaux wines, reputed to be the best in the world. To top it all off, its proximity to the Atlantic coast gives it many other attractions. The Dune du Pyla is nearby, ready to be climbed or flown over. But in the meantime, you should visit the urban districts that are being completely restructured, enjoy the terraces of old Bordeaux, taste the wines of Saint-Émilion or Sauternes, savor the nighttime atmosphere of the docks...

Other ideas for activities in Bordeaux

In Bordeaux, there are many activities and events to choose from. During your stay, to get an overview of the city as a whole, the tourist office has set up an "Authentique Tour": on board a convertible bus, you will discover the essential monuments. This is a good way to get to know the historical heritage of the city of Bordeaux. Among other pleasant activities to discover the region, the river cruise will give you a unique view of the monuments and landscapes. If you don't like boats, take the car and explore the six Bordeaux wine routes!

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Bordeaux

Which museums to visit in Bordeaux ?

Your stay in Bordeaux will be enhanced by visits to various museums, starting with the Cité du Vin, which is not to be missed. Dedicated to the world of wine, it offers a fun and sensory journey to discover wine cultures from antiquity to the present day. 

Among the other must-sees in the city, you can visit the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, the Museum of the Sea and the Navy, the Customs Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Fine Arts.

There are many options for accommodation in Bordeaux: luxury hotels, bed and breakfasts, flats... The key is to choose your area carefully. The city centre is the historic heart of Bordeaux and is the place to put down your luggage to visit the must-see monuments, such as the church of Saint Pierre or Les Grands Hommes. A little further west, Meriadeck is bustling with shops and also includes some historic buildings such as the Saint-André cathedral and the Pey-Berland tower. The northern part of Bordeaux, known as the Chartrons, stretches along the Garonne River in a bohemian and trendy atmosphere.

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