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Travel Guide of Orivesi in Finland by Influencers and Travelers

Orivesi is a town and a municipality of Finland. It is part of the Pirkanmaa region. The municipality has a population of 8,978 and covers an area of 960.09 square kilometres of which 160.53 km² is water.

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Orivesi is a town in southwest Finland, in the Pirkanmaa region.
Finland is a northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia.

Here, in Orivesi,a clear majority of the inhabitants live in the town centre. The rest of the municipality is very apart, with a largely scarped landscapes crossed by eskers and numerous small lakes. Orivesi has almost 2,100 holiday homes due to its proximity to major cities.
Orivesi has more than 350 lakes . The most important is Längelmävesi. The north-eastern end of Kangasala's Vesijärvi extends into Orivesi. Some of the lakes in the western part of Orivesi join the Lake Näsijärvi.

In summer, a multidisciplinary event, "Orivesi Summer", offers a variety of events: theatre performances, exhibitions of fine arts, design, gift items, dance and music evenings. The popular education institute "SuviOpisto" in Orivesi offers an exciting range of courses and lectures on cultural topics. You can learn a lot about life in Finland through this kind of event !

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What is the climate like in Orivesi ?

The climate is cold and dry (between -10° and -25°C). It can be tolerated very well if you have the right clothes. In March and April, the weather becomes mild and the days are long and clear (0° to -15°).

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