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Travel Guide of Tallinn in Estonia by Influencers and Travelers

Tallinn is the capital, primate and the most populous city of Estonia. Located in the northern part of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea, it has a population of 437,619 in 2020.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Tallinn


1 - Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an orthodox cathedral in the Tallinn Old Town, Estonia. It was built to a design by Mikhail Preobrazhensky in a typical Russian Revival style between 1894 and 1900, during the period when the country was part of the Russian Empire.

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral things to do in Tallinn Alexander Nevsky Cathedral things to do in Tallinn

2 - Freedom Square

Freedom Square is a plaza on the southern end of the Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia, where the military parades and various concerts take place. It is bounded on the east by St.

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Freedom Square things to do in Tallinn Freedom Square things to do in Tallinn

3 - Shore Excursions in Tallinn

No matter what cruise ship you arrive on, this is the perfect do-it-yourself shore excursion in Tallinn. See Tallinn’s essential sights on a City Sightseeing hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour. You'll see historical and modern sights of Tallinn in a comfortable and secure environment, with full commentary provided. Stop at major attractions including Vabaduse valjak (Freedom Square) and the giant matchbox of Hotel Viru.

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Shore Excursions in Tallinn things to do in Tallinn

4 - Old Town of Tallinn

Vanalinn is a subdistrict in the district of Kesklinn, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It has a population of 4,437.

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Old Town of Tallinn things to do in Tallinn Old Town of Tallinn things to do in Tallinn

5 - Toompea Castle

Toompea Castle is a castle on Toompea hill in the central part of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The castle, an ancient stronghold site in use since at least the 9th century, today houses the Parliament of Estonia.

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Toompea Castle things to do in Tallinn

6 - Mountain Bike Tours in Tallinn

Enjoy this 2.5-hour long bicycle tour and discover Tallinn and learn about its inhabitants and its complicated history. Highlights of this tour are Kadriorg Palace and Park, Presidential Palace, Laulupidu Song Festival Grounds, the Memorial to the Victims of Communism, the seaside promenade and more. Distance cycled will be approximately 16 km (10 miles), and you will be taking regular breaks.

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Mountain Bike Tours in Tallinn things to do in Tallinn

7 - Tallinn Town Hall

The Tallinn Town Hall is a building in the Tallinn Old Town, Estonia, next to the Town Hall Square. It is the oldest town hall in the whole of the Baltic region and Scandinavia.

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Tallinn Town Hall things to do in Tallinn Tallinn Town Hall things to do in Tallinn

8 - Kumu

The Kumu Art Museum is an art museum in Tallinn, Estonia. It is one of the largest museums in Estonia and one of the largest art museums in Northern Europe. It is one of the five branches of the Art Museum of Estonia, housing its main offices. "Kumu" is a stylised portmanteau abbreviation of the Estonian words kunsti muuseum. Kumu presents both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

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Kumu things to do in Tallinn Kumu things to do in Tallinn

9 - Culinary Tour in Tallinn

Enjoy this food tour and discover what is the Estonian cuisine - Nordic with a twist, or a touch of Russia and a bit of German? You’ll enjoy around 7 food and drink stops combined with strolls around the old town and city centre. Enjoy the venues like: medieval thematic tavern, local café, chocolate museum and store, typical Estonian-cuisine restaurant, old pharmacy, and Baltic Station Market. Please note that the menu and drinks of individual stops might vary according to the season.

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Culinary Tour in Tallinn things to do in Tallinn

10 - St Mary's Cathedral

St. Mary's Cathedral, Tallinn is a cathedral church located on Toompea Hill in Tallinn, Estonia. Originally established by Danes in the 13th century, it is the oldest church in Tallinn and mainland Estonia.

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St Mary's Cathedral things to do in Tallinn St Mary's Cathedral things to do in Tallinn

11 - Danish King's Garden

Danish King's Garden is a park in Tallinn Old Town, Estonia. The park is the place where Danish flag Dannebrog was born. Every year on 15 June, Dannebrog or the Day of the Danish Flag is celebrated in the garden.

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Danish King's Garden things to do in Tallinn Danish King's Garden things to do in Tallinn

12 - Snowshoeing in Tallinn

Jägala waterfall is the biggest natural waterfall in Estonia. It’s only 30 minute drive away from Tallinn city center. Therefore, it’s also one of the most popular attractions for the locals. The waterfall looks majestic in every season, however in winter time it offers a truly spectacular view. The gleaming ice wall and sparkling icicles will make you feel like you’re in a beautiful winter wonderland and the Snow Queen Elsa should be popping out from somewhere anytime. We will also see a mystical limestone cliff and search for millions of years old fossils. After taking tons of photos of the waterfall we will have a picnic. To keep warm we’ll taste local Estonian schnapps and drink hot tea and try some traditional Estonian flavors. The whole tour takes no more than two hours, so you have plenty of time to do some sightseeing in Tallinn after the tour for the rest of the day.

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Snowshoeing in Tallinn things to do in Tallinn

13 - House of the Blackheads

House of the Blackheads, or House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads, in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a former headquarters of the Brotherhood of Blackheads.

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House of the Blackheads things to do in Tallinn House of the Blackheads things to do in Tallinn

14 - Toompea

Toompea is a limestone hill in the central part of the city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The hill is an oblong tableland, which measures about 400 by 250 metres, has an area of 7 hectares and is about 20–30 metres higher than the surrounding areas.

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Toompea things to do in Tallinn

15 - Safaris in Tallinn

10am meeting the guide and driver at the exit gate on the harbor. 30 min ride to the start of the Safari, guided transfer with the introduction into Estonian history 11.00-13.00 drive around Pakri peninsula observing the former Soviet army sites and the WWII fortifications. Great off road ride, Estonian forest, sandy hills and Baltic coastline. 13.00-13.30 ride to the former tank training site. 13.30-14.00 ups and downs on the sandy hills and traps built 40 years ago for tank training. 14.30 arrival to the port or the old town

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Safaris in Tallinn things to do in Tallinn

16 - Suurupi

   21 km away

Suurupi is a village in Harku Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia. It has a population of 756. Suurupiis the birthplace of Estonian artist August Albo.

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Suurupi things to do in Tallinn

17 - Keila

   24 km away

Keila is a town and an urban municipality in Harju County in north-western Estonia, 25 km southwest of Tallinn. Keila is also the location of administrative buildings of the surrounding Keila Parish, a rural municipality separate from the town itself.

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Keila things to do in Tallinn

18 - Neeme

   25 km away

Neeme is a village in Jõelähtme Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia.

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Neeme things to do in Tallinn

19 - Keila waterfall

   26 km away

Keila-Joa is a small borough in Lääne-Harju Parish, Harju County, northern Estonia. It has a population of 373. The Estonian name Keila-Joa literally means "Keila Falls", named after the river, distinguishing it from the town of Keila.

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Keila waterfall things to do in Tallinn Keila waterfall things to do in Tallinn

20 - Kaberneeme

   29 km away

Kaberneeme is a village in Jõelähtme Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia. It is famous for its beach.

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Kaberneeme things to do in Tallinn Kaberneeme things to do in Tallinn

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Why should you visit Tallinn ?

Travel to Tallinn if you like:

  🗼 Landmark     🏖️ Beach     🐾 Wildlife     🏘️ Town     🌆 Skyline     🏰 Place of worship  

How to visit Tallinn ?

To get to Tallinn, you can either fly directly into Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, which is just a few kilometers from the city center, or take a ferry from Helsinki or Stockholm. There are also bus and train connections from other major European cities, such as Riga and St. Petersburg.

When planning your trip, it's a good idea to book some attractions in advance. The Tallinn Card, which can be purchased online, grants you free access to more than 40 attractions, as well as free public transport and various discounts. It's also worth booking a guided tour of the Old Town and the KGB Museum at Hotel Viru, as these can fill up quickly, especially during the peak tourist season.

The costs in Tallinn are relatively low compared to other European capitals. You can find affordable accommodation, food, and entertainment options. However, prices can vary depending on the area and the season, so it's always best to plan and book ahead.

Some of the best things to do in Tallinn include exploring the medieval Old Town, visiting the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, climbing the tower of St. Olaf's Church, and strolling along the city walls. For a taste of modern Tallinn, check out Telliskivi Creative City, a former industrial complex turned into a hub for arts, design, and dining.

When it comes to dining, Tallinn offers a wide range of options. For traditional Estonian cuisine, try Olde Hansa or Vanaema Juures. If you're in the mood for something more modern, check out NOA Chef's Hall or Leib Resto ja Aed.

For accommodation, there are plenty of options to suit every budget. For a luxurious stay, consider Hotel Telegraaf or The Three Sisters Boutique Hotel, both located in the Old Town. For more budget-friendly options, look into Hestia Hotel Barons or The Monk's Bunk Hostel.

Off the beaten path:

For a truly unique experience, venture out to Lahemaa National Park, which is located about 70 kilometers east of Tallinn. This stunning park offers a glimpse into Estonia's diverse landscapes, including forests, wetlands, and coastal areas. Here, you can explore historic manor houses, such as Palmse and Sagadi, and hike along picturesque trails. Don't miss the opportunity to walk the Viru Bog nature trail, which takes you through one of the most accessible and beautiful bogs in Estonia via a wooden boardwalk.

Another offbeat excursion is a visit to the abandoned Soviet-era prison in Rummu, which has been partially submerged by a quarry lake. This eerie yet fascinating site can be explored by kayak or paddleboard, allowing you to get up close to the submerged ruins and learn about the dark history of the area. Guided tours are available and should be booked in advance.

Learn More about Tallinn

Tallinn is known for having magnificent medieval centers

This is the most obvious but not the only reason to visit the capital of Estonia.

You will find an atmosphere at the crossroads of the Estonian-Finnish, Germanic, and Slavic worlds. A small city with big advantages 

Curious, surprising, and enchanting. 

Estonia is the smallest and least populated of the Baltic States. It is located in the northeast of Europe and south of Finland, from which it is separated by the Gulf of Finland. 45% of the country is forested, 13% is marshland. There are more than 1500 lakes and islands and the coastline has 3800 kilometers of coastline.
Its advantageous maritime location has interested nations for hundreds of years.
Its capital Tallinn is located in the northwest of the country, 85 kilometers from Helsinki (Finland) and equidistant from St Petersburg (Russia) and Stockholm (Sweden). Further south you will find Riga in Latvia and Vilnius in Lithuania.
Tallinn has about 426,000 inhabitants on 159 square kilometers.
The Estonian language is part of the Finno-Ugric family, very close to Finnish.
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, the Old Town of Tallinn is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe with 1.9 km of ramparts and 23 towers.

Between craft beers and street art in Tallinn hipster

Around the Old Town, new trendy and hipster neighborhoods will seduce the aficionados of craft beers and street art.
In the northwest, towards the Kalamaja district, the Creative City of Telliskivi, a former industrial complex, is the creative center of Tallinn and all Estonia. Designer studios, boutiques, CDB coffee shops, and lots of street art. You will find the Fotografiska photo museum, a branch of the great Stockholm museum.
There are plenty of places to discover. The bars Sveta Baar and Pudel offer a great choice of craft beers. Junimperium is a rather chic local gin distillery. Pettus offers dining in old retro cars. There are quite a few food truck options, pizzas, kebabs nearby, and many more trendy than alternative restaurants.
In short, the place seems to evolve quickly from an original artistic heart to an entertainment center more or less déjà vu but not uninteresting that said.

The avant-garde movement of Tallinn

East of the Old Town, near the harbor, the old dilapidated industrial area of Roterman has become a modern and trendy (and pedestrian) district with avant-garde and eccentric buildings.
It still looks a lot like a shopping mall. Among the wide range of cafes, restaurants, and bars, try the Japanese-style Nordic cuisine at Noya or the seasonal local produce at AlterEgo, followed by a "craft" beer at Brewdog or the marzipan at Kalev Chocolate Factory (1806)

 We surf the Internet here as we drink espressos elsewhere. A daily gesture, not so old as that, but which one would not know anymore how to do without. In the street, the faces belong for the most part to the student population which gives its cheerful character to the smallest festive place in Tallinn. From the past of the capital, one remembers the Middle Ages, the time when the city was Hanseatic when the richest personalities had their houses built on two levels: in stone when the more humble houses were made of wood.

This was also the time of the squares where the market and the pillory stood side by side. As life was short, people did not miss an opportunity to celebrate with music.

Back to the roots, therefore, in the medieval restaurants of Old Tallinn: the period setting avoids the effect of a theme park. Holidaymakers are as eager as Tallinners who, if they are not working in their 21st century, relax in the many bars, clubs, nightclubs, and lounges. Jazzy or electro atmosphere, beautiful girls galore, beer or cocktails served in jugs, but no cigarettes, except in the dedicated places of the cigar cellars.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Tallinn

When to go to Tallinn Estonia?

Estonia has a continental Baltic climate.

  • Thus, winters are cold and dry and summers are mild and sometimes rainy. Estonia is the coldest of the three Baltic countries as it is the northernmost. During the winter, temperatures are negative all day long for several months. On average, we find -2 °C in December and -5 °C in February with minimum temperatures that can go down to -30 °C. In general, it is better to avoid this period for a stay.
  • Thus, it is preferable to focus on late spring and summer. Indeed, from May onwards, the average temperatures are more pleasant (10°C on average in May, 16°C in July). It is common to find temperatures around 22 °C in summer, which allows you to enjoy outdoor activities without suffering from high temperatures. The sun is present, but rain is also more common during this period with 70 mm of rainfall 

  • A medieval banquet, in full version, with fresh cheese with herbs and pickles, bear and deer salads, marinated salmon, hare stew, wild boar stew, lentil and turnip puree, rose cream for dessert.

  • Beer is served in earthenware mugs, flavored with honey, cinnamon, or wild herbs.

Several restaurants in Tallinn offer these old-fashioned feasts, in a period setting and with period service. The favorite of Tallinners is the Olde Hansa, Vana turg 1, in the Old Town 

  • Traditional Estonian handicrafts are rustic, but they can be a great way to give simple and original gifts.
  • Hand-knitted socks, gloves, or mittens in the natural colors of wool (ecru, brown, or gray).
  • Cutlery, cups, bowls made of juniper wood.
  • Children's toys (mini-trains, small cars) in poplar.

If you're looking for something chicer, head to the Saint Catherine passage (Old Tallinn) where artisans create before your eyes with glass, ceramics, and leather. Unique pieces, trendy objects...

Fascinating! Think of the Christmas market on the main square, if you come in December.

  • Helsinki is located in front of Tallinn, on the other side of a bay crossed in 1h30 by a fast boat 
 in 3h30 by car-ferry (Round trip possible in the day, there are enough departures for that.

  • The City Hall, built in the 13th century, is a testimony of the gothic architecture of the time. 

  • Go and admire the Kiek in de Kök tower, whose 4-meter thick walls have withstood time and attacks. You can also visit its underground passages. 

  • The Toompea Castle, where the Estonian Parliament now sits, is also a must-see, with its mix of modern buildings from the 1920s and classical architecture from the Tsarist period. 

  • To get a glimpse of the medieval period of the 15th century, take a detour through the Saint Catherine's passage, a charming little alley that will take you back in time. 

Finally, to see the whole city at a glance, climb the steps of the tower of St. Olav's Church.

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