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Travel Guide of Saraguro in Ecuador by Influencers

The Saraguro is a people of the Kichwa nation most of whom live in Saraguro Canton in the Loja Province of Ecuador. Although most now speak Spanish, Runashimi or Kichwa, a Quechua dialect, is also spoken and language revitalization efforts are being implemented.

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Travel Tips for visiting Saraguro

Saraguro is a small town located in the southern highlands of Ecuador. The town is known for its traditional dress and culture. The people of Saraguro are of indigenous origin and speak a language called Saraguro Quechua.

If you're interested in learning about the indigenous culture of Ecuador, Saraguro is a great place to visit. The Saraguro people are known for their traditional clothing and their skills in weaving and pottery. They also have a rich tradition of storytelling. To really experience Saraguro culture, stay with a local family and participate in their daily activities.

Some popular activities in Saraguro include visiting the local markets, hiking in the surrounding mountains, and exploring the nearby Inca ruins.

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