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Travel Guide of Quito in Ecuador by Influencers and Travelers

Quito, formally San Francisco de Quito, is the capital and most populous city of Ecuador, with an estimated population of 2.8 million in its urban area. It is also the capital of the province of Pichincha.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Quito


1 - Basilica of the National Vow

The Basilica of the National Vow is a Roman Catholic church located in the historic center of Quito, Ecuador. It is the largest neo-Gothic basilica in the Americas.

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Basilica of the National Vow things to do in Quito Basilica of the National Vow things to do in Quito

2 - El Panecillo

El Panecillo is a 200-metre-high hill of volcanic-origin, with loess soil, located between southern and central Quito. Its peak is at an elevation of 3,016 metres above sea level. The original name used by the aboriginal inhabitants of Quito was Yavirac.

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El Panecillo things to do in Quito El Panecillo things to do in Quito

3 - Mountain Bike Tours in Quito

   8 km away

Our company has a team of professionals who with their continuous effort and professionalism make each trip an unforgettable experience.

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Mountain Bike Tours in Quito things to do in Quito

4 - Historic Center of Quito

   8 km away

Quito is the capital of Ecuador and at an elevation of 2,850 m above sea level, it is the second highest official capital city in the world, and the closest to the equator.

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Historic Center of Quito things to do in Quito

5 - Chimborazo

   7 km away

Chimborazo is a currently inactive stratovolcano in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes. Its last known eruption is believed to have occurred around 550 A.D.

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Chimborazo things to do in Quito

6 - Archaeology Tours in Quito

   8 km away

On this spectacular four-day tour (optional an additional 5th day with an extra charge, to visit Mindo Cloud Forest at the beginning or a Transfer tour to Guayaquil at the end) departing from Quito, you will have the opportunity to visit several of Ecuador's tourist attractions, a combination of nature and culture, an ideal tour for people who want to walk along paths with volcanoes, lagoons, waterfalls,  colonial cities, archaeological sites, indigenous markets, etc. We invite you to take this tour and Experience the authentic! Check our tripadvisor photo gallery. ONE WAY: QUITO - COTOPAXI - QUILOTOA - BAÑOS - CHIMBORAZO- CUENCA, (optional an additional 5th day with an extra charge, to visit Mindo Cloud Forest at the beginning or a Transfer tour to Guayaquil at the end).

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Archaeology Tours in Quito things to do in Quito

7 - Iglesia de la Compañía

The Church of the Society of Jesus, known colloquially as la Compañía, is a Jesuit church in Quito, Ecuador. It is among the best-known churches in Quito because of its large central nave, which is profusely decorated with gold leaf, gilded plaster, and wood carvings.

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Iglesia de la Compañía things to do in Quito

8 - La Carolina. Park

Parque La Carolina is a 165.5-acre park in the centre of the Quito central business district, bordered by the avenues Río Amazonas, de los Shyris, Naciones Unidas, Eloy Alfaro, and de la República.

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La Carolina. Park things to do in Quito

9 - Coffee & Tea Tours in Quito

   8 km away

Have your morning coffee while you observe a variety of the exceptional hummingbirds on our stop at the hummingbird viewpoint, and enjoy the scenery of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest. Visit a beautiful coffee plantation where we will reveal all his coffee making secrets and you will have another flavorful tasting of coffee and the next new thing: coffee tea. Have a tasty lunch overlooking the scenery of the cloudforest mountains. Become a cacao expert on your visit to the cacao farm in Mindo. Ever had a 100% pure chocolate? A guide will explain you the fascinating process of chocolate making, from the cacao bean on the tree to everyone’s favorite sweet, followed by a delicious chocolate tasting. This is an eye-opening experience to where these products come from.

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Coffee & Tea Tours in Quito things to do in Quito

10 - Volcano Antisana

The TelefériQo, or TelefériQo Cruz Loma, is a gondola lift in Quito, Ecuador, running from the edge of the city centre up the east side of Pichincha Volcano to lookout Cruz Loma.

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Volcano Antisana things to do in Quito

11 - San Francisco Church

   7 km away
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San Francisco Church things to do in Quito

12 - Culinary Tour in Quito

   8 km away

Mindo is a beautiful town known for its ecotourism and its wide variety of birds. The number of species rivals North America and Europe all together and that is why it’s a haven for Ornithologists worldwide. It is located within the Mindo-Nambillo protected Forest. Its warm climate is ideal. Among its main attractions you can find waterfalls, clouded forests, butterfly farms, river rafting, trekking, and adventure sports. In Mindo you can also enjoy mountains, fishing sites and it is the perfect area for do such activities as: tubbing, regattas, canopying, horseback rides, Orchid Farms, bicycle and motorcycle rides and you can also enjoy a Frog “concert” The best time to visit Mindo is between May and December, as the weather is a little bit drier.

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Culinary Tour in Quito things to do in Quito

13 - Mojanda

   40 km away

Mojanda is an inactive stratovolcano of the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes in northern Ecuador. A summit caldera, which was produced by an explosive Plinian Eruption that marked the end of Mojanda activity 200,000 years ago, is occupied by three crater lakes: Karikucha, Yanakucha, and Warmikucha.

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Mojanda things to do in Quito

14 - Papallacta

   42 km away

Papallacta is a small village in Napo Province, Ecuador located at an altitude of 3,300 m in the Andes just off the Eastern Cordilleras on the road from Quito which leads into the Amazon jungle.

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Papallacta things to do in Quito Papallacta things to do in Quito

15 - Shore Excursions in Quito

   8 km away

JUNGLE PACKAGE ALL-INCLUSIVE | DEPARTURE FROM QUITO Beginning from the moment you arrive at Suchipakari Jungle Lodge, our all-inclusive packages allow you make the most of the Napo River and all the natural joys and adventures it offers. All you have to do is choose how long you want the fun to last! All tours are accompanied by professional native guides. At Suchipakari you are able to design your own Jungle tours day by day. An expert local guide will assist you choosing the excursions according to your wishes and interests. Most itineraries in our Amazon Tours include; hikes in the rain forest, canoe trips, night walks, cascade visits, river tubing, visits to the local communities, animal rescue center. For those who are in search for more adrenaline we offer great adventure activities (An extra charge applies.) Cave tours, rafting, kayaking trips up to level V, an Canyoning Waterfall After your Amazon adventure, come back to enjoy tranquillity at your comfortable lodge.

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Shore Excursions in Quito things to do in Quito

16 - Cayambe

   42 km away

Cayambe is an agricultural service city in highland Ecuador. It lies at the foot of the Cayambe volcano. While the city is mainly peopled by mestizos, the surrounding rural population is primarily composed of indigenous people who are mainly involved in subsistence agriculture, dairy farming and procurement of lumber.

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Cayambe things to do in Quito Cayambe things to do in Quito

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Between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador, a small country as big as half of France, stretches from the Pacific to the Amazon, spanning the Andes mountain range, here called Sierra. There is no more altiplano here, but a chaotic, highly volcanic relief, made of snow-capped cones, páramo (a kind of highland pampa) and checkerboard fields covering the highest slopes. In spite of its modest size, Ecuador offers an astonishing palette of landscapes and cultures. It is a country divided into 3 distinct regions: the Pacific coast, the Andes and the Ecuadorian Amazon. In addition, there are the Galapagos Islands, a unique wildlife reservoir in the world. If the Indians of the Sierra have largely preserved their Andean customs, the people of the coast seem to be closer to Caribbean customs. In Amazonia, the inhabitants fight for their territory, threatened by the oil industry and deforestation. As for the city dwellers of Ecuador, most of them of mixed race, they have long since adopted the Western way of life. As almost everywhere in South America, the Church continues to play a big role and military coups have followed one another here… If archaeological remains and colonial architecture are much less present in Ecuador than in Peru, this lack is partly compensated by the richness of the historical centers of Quito and Cuenca, the beauty of the landscapes and the astonishing biodiversity, in particular in Amazonia and in the Galapagos Islands. In short, the main reasons for a trip to Ecuador? This beautiful natural variety, combined with the authenticity of the welcome and a still moderate tourism... For a first trip to Latin America, Ecuador is an ideal entry point.

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