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Travel Guide of Zagreb in Croatia by Influencers and Travelers

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain. Zagreb lies at an elevation of approximately 122 m above sea level. The estimated population of the city in 2018 was 820,678.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Zagreb


1 - St. Mark's Church

The Church of St. Mark is the parish church of old Zagreb, Croatia, located in St. Mark's Square. It is one of the oldest architectural monuments in Zagreb.

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St. Mark's Church things to do in Zagreb

2 - Park Maksimir

Maksimir Park is the oldest public park in Zagreb, Croatia. It forms part of the city's cultural heritage and is a habitat for many different plant and animal species.

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Park Maksimir things to do in Zagreb Park Maksimir things to do in Zagreb

3 - Scenic Flights in Zagreb

   11 km away

Go on an excursion from Zagreb and enjoy a panoramic flight over Croatia and a visit to the island of Hvar! This excursion from Zagreb is the perfect way to discover the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and Croatia's cultural heritage in just one day....

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Scenic Flights in Zagreb things to do in Zagreb

4 - Cathedral of Zagreb

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Cathedral of Zagreb things to do in Zagreb

5 - Fontana kralja Tomislava

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Fontana kralja Tomislava things to do in Zagreb

6 - Sightseeing Tours in Zagreb

Embark on a tour of Zagreb, Croatia's vibrant capital, and discover its rich history, culture, and landmarks. Lace-up your walking shoes for a stroll through the city, where the guide will lead you to the most iconic sights, providing insights and lo...

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Sightseeing Tours in Zagreb things to do in Zagreb

7 - Medvednica

   11 km away

Medvednica is a mountain in central Croatia, just north of Zagreb, and marking the southern border of the historic region of Zagorje. The highest peak, at 1,035 m is Sljeme. Most of the area of Medvednica is a nature park, a type of preservation lesser than a national park. The area of the park is 228.26 km² and about 63% is covered with forest. During Miocene and Pliocene, the mountain was an island within the Pannonian Sea.

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Medvednica things to do in Zagreb Medvednica things to do in Zagreb

8 - Samobor

   21 km away

Samobor is a city in Zagreb County, Croatia. It is part of the Zagreb metropolitan area.

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Samobor things to do in Zagreb Samobor things to do in Zagreb

9 - Hiking in Zagreb

All paths lead to nature! Discover one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe, the famous Plitvice Lakes. It is the most visited national park in Croatia and it has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979.You will start your day with a v...

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Hiking in Zagreb things to do in Zagreb

10 - Bregana

   23 km away

Bregana is a settlement that is part of the town of Samobor, Zagreb County, Croatia. According to the 2001 census, the town has 2,518 residents living in an area of 2.81 square kilometers.

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Bregana things to do in Zagreb

11 - Ivanić-Grad

   34 km away

Ivanić-Grad or Ivanić Grad is a town in Zagreb County, Croatia. It is part of Moslavina.

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Ivanić-Grad things to do in Zagreb

12 - Skydiving in Zagreb

   11 km away

Do you want to discover the incredible sensations of skydiving in Croatia? Take a tandem skydive in Zagreb! Tandem skydiving in Zagreb is a must for adrenaline junkies! Imagine standing at the edge of the plane's open door, feeling the wind on your f...

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Skydiving in Zagreb things to do in Zagreb

13 - Sisak

   48 km away

Sisak is a city in central Croatia, spanning the confluence of the Kupa, Sava and Odra rivers, 57 km southeast of the Croatian capital Zagreb, and is usually considered to be where the Posavina begins, with an elevation of 99 m.

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Sisak things to do in Zagreb

14 - Karlovac

   49 km away

Karlovac is a city in central Croatia. According to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, in 2018, its population was 51,447. Karlovac is the administrative centre of Karlovac County.

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Karlovac things to do in Zagreb Karlovac things to do in Zagreb

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Why should you visit Zagreb ?

Travel to Zagreb if you like:

  🐾 Wildlife     🌲 Forest     🏘️ Town     🌲 Nature reserve     🗼 Landmark  

How to visit Zagreb ?

Why Travel to Zagreb, Croatia?

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a city rich in history and culture. It's known for its stunning architecture, vibrant street life, and a variety of museums. The city offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western Europe, with a charming medieval 'old city' atmosphere. It's also a gateway to the beautiful Adriatic coast and the natural splendors of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

How to Get There?

Zagreb is well-connected by air, with daily flights from major European cities to Zagreb International Airport. From the airport, you can take a shuttle bus, taxi, or Uber to the city center. Alternatively, Zagreb is accessible by train or bus from other European cities. If you're already in Croatia, consider taking a scenic drive to Zagreb.

What to Book in Advance?

To make the most of your visit, consider booking a guided tour of Zagreb's old city or a day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park. It’s also wise to book accommodation in advance, especially during the peak summer months. If you plan to visit any of the city's popular museums, such as the Museum of Broken Relationships, pre-booking tickets can save time.

What Are the Costs?

Compared to other European capitals, Zagreb is relatively affordable. A mid-range meal can cost around $10-$15, and a one-way ticket on public transportation is less than $2. Entrance fees for museums and attractions vary, but most are under $10. Accommodation prices range widely, but on average, you can expect to pay around $50-$80 per night for a mid-range hotel.

Best Things to Do

Don't miss taking a walk through the medieval Gornji Grad (Upper Town), where you'll find the Gothic Zagreb Cathedral and the colorful St. Mark's Church. Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships for a unique perspective on love and loss. Browse the Dolac Market for fresh produce and local products. For a relaxing break, visit one of Zagreb's many parks, such as Maksimir Park or Zrinjevac.

Where to Eat?

For a taste of traditional Croatian cuisine, try Vinodol Restaurant or Trilogija. For a more modern dining experience, visit Mundoaka Streetfood, known for its creative dishes and relaxed atmosphere.

Where to Stay?

For a blend of luxury and history, consider staying at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel. For more budget-friendly options, consider Hotel Jägerhorn or Swanky Mint Hostel, both located in the city center.

Off the Beaten Path

For a unique experience, visit the Mirogoj Cemetery. It's not only the final resting place of many famous Croatians, but also a park and an open-air art gallery. Its arcades, pavilions, and tombs are considered one of the most beautiful cemetery complexes in Europe. Take a stroll along its peaceful paths, admire the artistry of its monuments, and soak in the quiet beauty of this unusual destination.

Learn More about Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, located in the north between Mount Medvednica (1035 m.) and the river Sava. Zagreb has been the cultural centre of the country since the Middle Ages and it continues to be an excellent destination from a cultural, artistic, monumental point of view... A beautiful city on a human scale, as interesting as Dubrovnik or Split, Zagreb is ideal for a city-break or a short stay, or to stop for a few days on the Adriatic coast. Zagreb is a really quiet and vibrant city at the same time, full of life, with charms that you have to discover little by little, forgetting the time. The charm of Zagreb lies first of all in its Old Town, or Upper Town (Gornji grad), perched on a hill accessible by a funicular or stairs. The Upper Town (Gorniji grad) of Zagreb was formed in the 17th century by the merger of two towns, Gradec and Kaptol, which are now parts of the city. Stroll through the old town with its colourful houses and lively cobbled streets and stop at the cafes and terraces to watch the people pass by. Visit also the Lower Town (Doni Grade), built in the 19th century, where the splendour of Austro-Hungarian architecture and monuments, in the romantic style, with its wide tree-lined avenues contrasting with socialist buildings, are mixed. This is the other attraction of the city of Zagreb: this magnificent contrast. Go to the Dolac market, with its red umbrellas, also full of life. Also the pedestrian streets on the main square of Ban Jelacic, where you will find many restaurants, cafés, shops, ... You will always find the terraces full. But Zagreb is also the city of museums and galleries, which are mostly in the historical city: the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Mimara Museum, the foundation of the sculptor Meśtrović, the City Museum, the Croatian History Museum, the Strossmayer Gallery, the Archaeological Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Techniques, the Museum of Broken Hearts, the Museum of Naive Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the New Lauba Museum,... But the most interesting thing is the combination of museums and a flourishing underground art that can be seen in galleries (Nova Galerija, Ulupuh, Klovicevi Dvori,...) and concept-stores (Filijo, Prostor, WHW,...), the participative street art museum. Zagreb, a city full of vibrant artistic life.

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