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Travel Guide of Zadar in Croatia by Influencers

Zadar is the oldest continuously-inhabited Croatian city. It is situated on the Adriatic Sea, at the northwestern part of Ravni Kotari region. Zadar serves as the seat of Zadar County and of the wider northern Dalmatian region.

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Travel Tips for visiting Zadar

Its geographical position, beaches, and attractive surroundings make Zadar in Croatia, an excellent destination for visiting Dalmatia. Zadar is surrounded by the 150 islands of the Kornati archipelago, one of the largest in the Mediterranean. It is built on a peninsula.

Zadar is considered one of the oldest cities of the Adriatic Sea. The core of its Old Town shows architecture inherited from the Romans, and in the Forum there are Roman remains. The Land Gate which is a Renaissance gate is also the main entrance to the walled city. The Five Wells Square is a beautiful esplanade just beyond the Gate of the Land, with five wells that until the 19th century provided water. Petar-Zoranic Square, with its Roman column and the remains of a 1st-century gate from the Forum. And the Palace of the Provost, many other things to see in the heart of the city.

The monastery of St. Donat, from the 9th century, The art gallery of the Municipal Museum and the Church of St. Simeon, and the Museum of Ancient Glass in the Cosmacendi Palace. The region of Zadar has been inhabited for three millennia, so the historical and archaeological remains are rich.

The National Square has been the heart of the Old Town of Zadar since the Middle Ages. In the Lovran café, there are remains of the oldest building in the square, St. Lawrence Church. Admire the building of the Municipal Guard with its clock tower. And the Church of St. Michael, with its Gothic facade. You should take a tour of the Varos Quarter, which is the oldest part of Zadar and still has memories of the Second World War. It is the center of Zadar's student life and nightlife. There are so many historical sites to enjoy in Zadar, it will make you feel dizzy.

For a natural getaway, you should try the beaches of Zadar, rocky or pebble beaches along the Kneza Trpimira quay and around the Puntamika peninsula, and in front of the Borik hotel complex. Along the riviera to Biograd na Moru and Vir you will find beaches for every style.

The city is surrounded by several national parks that you can discover, such as the Vrana Lake Nature Park, the largest lake in Croatia, with opalescent waters. It is a magnificent ornithological reserve. For a walk, bike or horse ride.

Zadar is a city with very rich architecture and history, where it is pleasant to live.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Zadar

Which islands to visit near Zadar?

Zadar is surrounded by islands to discover, Dugi Otok, Islands Pasman, Ugljan, and the Island of Pag are very popular.

If you want to enjoy Zadar and its charm, staying in the old town is the best solution. Biograd Na Moru is ideal if you want to swim and have restaurants nearby, Diklo which is an area of Zadar with restaurants and bars is great to spend your evenings.

Renting a car is not an obligation, but it is recommended by travelers, you will have more flexibility, and if you want to discover other islands around, some are connected by bridges; consequently, the car will be very convenient.

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