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Travel Guide of Taganga in Colombia by Influencers and Travelers

Taganga is a traditional fishing village and corregimiento of Santa Marta, located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia at about 10 minutes or 3 kilometres north of Santa Marta.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Taganga


1 - Playa Grande - Monoguaka and Sisiguaka

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Playa Grande - Monoguaka and Sisiguaka things to do in Taganga

2 - Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

   14 km away
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Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona things to do in Taganga

3 - Shore Excursions in Santa Marta

It is the archaeological territory of an ancient Tayrona city located in the Sierra Nevada whose foundation is attributed to the year 800, many years before Machu Picchu. Tayrona paradise is made up of a series of terraces dug into the mountainside made up of a network of tiled paths and small circular squares. Access to Ciudad Perdida is made by ascending some 1,200 stone steps through the vast jungle of the region.

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Shore Excursions in Santa Marta things to do in Taganga

4 - Santa Marta

   25 km away

Santa Marta, officially Distrito Turístico, Cultural e Histórico de Santa Marta, is a city on the coast of the Caribbean Sea in northern Colombia.

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Santa Marta things to do in Taganga

5 - Motorcycle Tours in Santa Marta

We start with an organic coffee from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta where you will learn everything about the coffee process to later go to a waterfall called Marinka, then a delicious lunch to finally go to a viewpoint where we finish with the Cocoa tour there we will show the whole process from the fruit to take it to a cup of chocolate

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Motorcycle Tours in Santa Marta things to do in Taganga

6 - Snorkeling in Santa Marta

My name is Luis, I am an Economist and I worked as a consultant for more than 20 years. I changed my job for my passion: sailing and enjoying nature, especially the sea. I have been sailing since I was 10 days old, it is a passion inherited from my family and I love transmitting my knowledge of the sea and navigation to the people who accompany me. Since I arrived in Colombia with my family, I have had the opportunity to know the Tayrona in a way that people do not know, from the sea. It is a unique experience that we want to teach you. We are bilingual (Spanish and English) and we love to talk and tell local anecdotes, we will take you to live an unforgettable day. The experience is carried out by Luis or his team. Luis has sailed all his life and Didier (Samario de Nacimiento and a family of fishermen) accompanies him along with Alvaro and Jeison, biologists who love the sea. The Tayrona park closes from October 19 to November 2. We continue sailing other routes

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Snorkeling in Santa Marta things to do in Taganga

7 - Coffee & Tea Tours in Santa Marta

We will meet at our agency and from there we will leave in a private vehicle to go to the town of Minca located about fifty (50) minutes away, we will begin our great journey, through tree-covered paths, streams until our first stop at a beautiful waterfall called " Marinka” (admission included). Enjoy for one (1) hour the two different waterfalls and you will have the opportunity to swim if you wish. On the way out, we will have about 3 km of downhill cycling during which you can enjoy the landscape The second stop is to have a delicious lunch which will be given in one of the most emblematic restaurants in the town we have several options for you, then we will return to a new journey to visit the coffee and cocoa producing farm, where you can take an unforgettable tour of these two important products of the region depending on the season. The visit ends with the tasting of a cup of coffee or cocoa to taste, mask of cocoa and natural scrub for your hands.

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Coffee & Tea Tours in Santa Marta things to do in Taganga

8 - Mountain Bike Tours in Santa Marta

Have you ever wanted to climb mountains, cross rivers and be one with nature without having to go through immense physical effort? With our high quality e-mountain bikes this dream can come true. We will bring you from the Historic Center to the starting point, where you will start your trip up to Minca (approx. 14km). You will get to drive through the beautiful natural treasure of Sierra Nevada Colombia, along farms, rivers and waterfalls, and take a break whenever you want to enjoy the view over the jungle and down to the Caribbean sea. With our e-bikes you can adjust the amount of assistance to your liking and stay fit. Our funny and local guides will show you the way, ensure safety and assist you in any situation for you comfort.

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Mountain Bike Tours in Santa Marta things to do in Taganga

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