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Travel Guide of Cali in Colombia by Influencers and Travelers

Santiago de Cali, or Cali, is the capital of the Valle del Cauca department, and the most populous city in southwest Colombia, with an 2,227,642 residents according to the 2018 census.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Cali


1 - Cristo Rey

Cristo Rey is a statue 26 meters tall located in the Cerro de los Cristales in the village of Los Andes, west of the city of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

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Cristo Rey things to do in Cali Cristo Rey things to do in Cali

2 - Santa Helena

   18 km away

Santa Helena del Opón is a town and municipality in the Santander Department in northeastern Colombia.

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Santa Helena things to do in Cali

3 - Wildlife Watching in Cali

This extreme ATV tour runs through the lower part of the central mountain range, the terrain is uncovered and crosses small rivers that are in the middle of the road. The trail ride takes about 1 hour, our specially equipped ATVs are big and powerful enough to carry 2 people, so couples and families with adults are always welcome.

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Wildlife Watching in Cali things to do in Cali

4 - Jamundí

   21 km away

Jamundí is a town and municipality in the Department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Jamundí is located 24 kilometres south of Cali, the capital of the department. The average temperature is 23° Celsius.

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Jamundí things to do in Cali

5 - Culinary Tour in Cali

The “Street Food Tour” gives you a real taste of Cali though its local food and drinks. First we explore the streets and some parks of the city on foot. Here we talk about the city's history and street culture. We discover amazing street art, some of the pieces are simply stunning and others have interesting social messages. Hopefully we come across some street venders that sell delicious food or drinks. We finish in a local market, where we try different food and drink samples. We try tropical fruits like ‘Chontaduro’, typical drinks like 'Lulada', typical food like 'Ceviche Colombiano' and a lot more. We can try at least 15 samples of food and drinks during the tour, so don't eat to much breakfast. The tour is suitable for vegetarianas as well!

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Culinary Tour in Cali things to do in Cali

6 - Motorcycle Tours in Cali

Enjoy the breeze, the sun or the rain and the adrenaline in a motorcycle of high displacement type cruiser. Escape from the city and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Andes mountains that surround Cali. Live a totally personalized experience, you define the departure time and the return time. Live a truly unique experience, if you like to drive a motorcycle, have a license and experience, you can ride a motorcycle and take your partner at no additional cost. If you do not know how to drive you can attend as a passenger and we will assign you an expert driver free of charge.

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Motorcycle Tours in Cali things to do in Cali

7 - Coffee & Tea Tours in Cali

Why is Colombian coffee so popular? What is behind a Colombian cup of coffee that makes it so special? In Colombia we are blessed with ideal geographical and climatic conditions for coffee growing. This combined with the care and passion from the coffee growers in each stage and the strict controls that guarantee the quality of each grain, providing a rich coffee industry with economic, social and environmental sustainability. This all amounts to a high quality product. This tour lasts about 8 hours and we will get to visit a specialized coffee farm where we will learn about the history of coffee, methods of preparing and how to properly taste coffee. We will also have a very passionate coffee farmer show us the whole process of how coffee is grown. Typical lunch of the region will be provided with the fare.

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Coffee & Tea Tours in Cali things to do in Cali

8 - Mountain Bike Tours in Cali

Descent guided by rural roads, enjoying the variety of landscapes and thermal floors from the top of the Western Cordillera to reach the urban area of Cali. Picnic in the foggy forest next to unique Tea fields in Colombia.

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Mountain Bike Tours in Cali things to do in Cali

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