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Travel Guide of Suzhou in China by Influencers and Travelers

Suzhou, alternately romanized as Soochow, is a major city located in southeastern Jiangsu Province of East China, about 100 km northwest of Shanghai.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Suzhou


1 - Suzhou Museum

The Suzhou Museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art, paintings, calligraphy, and handmade crafts, situated in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. Admission is free. It is one of the most visited museums in the world, with 2,340,000 visitors in 2018. The Folk Branch of Suzhou Museum is located in the Bei family ancestral temple near Lion Grove Garden.

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Suzhou Museum things to do in Suzhou Suzhou Museum things to do in Suzhou

2 - 七里山塘

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七里山塘 things to do in Suzhou

3 - Mountain Bike Tours in Suzhou

Small group Fully day shuzhou Minin van and bike tour from shanghai group size basic on 4 persons.Our driver and tour guide will be met you at your hotle with big van and your high quality bicycle at 9:00 am. After an hour and 30 mins of driving we will get to the downtown of Suzhou. From here hop on your bike start your Suzhou bike tour.First cycle to the most beautiful garden Master of Nets.We will stay there for an hour. Afer we ride to Shangtang Old street or Pingjiang historical block depend on visitors flow you will have an authentic lunch on your own expense. After lunch we contunitue ride to a UNSCO World Cultural Heritage - humble administrator’s garden.From there you cycle to the Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory and Silk museum.we can see how to raise silkworms and learn the silk culture. After all we take a traditional Chinese Gongdola along the city moat and Grand Canal.Enjoy the Venice of the east and get insight into Wu culture and local daily life style.

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Mountain Bike Tours in Suzhou things to do in Suzhou

4 - Pan Gate

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Pan Gate things to do in Suzhou

5 - Wuxi

   34 km away

Wuxi is a city in southern Jiangsu province, eastern China, 135 kilometers by car to the northwest of downtown Shanghai, between Changzhou and Suzhou.

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Wuxi things to do in Suzhou

6 - Zhujiajiao

   49 km away

Zhujiajiao is an ancient town located in the Qingpu District of Shanghai. The population of Zhujiajiao is 60,000. Zhujiajiao is a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai, and was established about 1,700 years ago.

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Zhujiajiao things to do in Suzhou Zhujiajiao things to do in Suzhou

7 - Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town Tourist Zone

   49 km away
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Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town Tourist Zone things to do in Suzhou

8 - Xitang

   50 km away

Xitang, formerly known as Xietang, Pingtang and Xutang, is a historic town in Jiashan County, Zhejiang, China. It borders Luxu Town in the north, Yaozhuang Town in the east, Ganyao Town in the southeast, and Tianning Town and Town in the west.

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Xitang things to do in Suzhou

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Why should you visit Suzhou ?

Travel to Suzhou if you like:

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Learn More about Suzhou

Some travel tips for Suzhou, China would include packing comfortable shoes and clothes, as the city is known for its many gardens and parks. It is also advised to bring along snacks and water, as some of the attractions can be quite spread out. Additionally, visitors should be prepared for crowds, as Suzhou is a very popular tourist destination.

Some travel tips for Suzhou, China:
-Suzhou is known for its canals and gardens, so take a boat ride or explore one of the many gardens.
-The city is also known for its silk, so be sure to visit a silk factory and pick up some souvenirs.
-For a taste of the local culture, check out the Suzhou Museum or one of the many temples.
-And of course, don't forget to try the local cuisine!

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