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Travel Guide of Beijing in China by Influencers

Beijing, alternatively romanized as Peking, is the capital of the People's Republic of China. It is the world's most populous capital city, with over 21 million residents within an administrative area of 16,410.5 km².

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What you will see and do in Beijing:

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Travel Tips for visiting Beijing

Beijing is an enchanting city and an essential stop on a trip to the Middle Kingdom, China. The administrative centre of the regime since the 15th century, Beijing is home to sumptuous imperial palaces, including the renowned Forbidden City, as well as temples, reminders of China's theological wealth. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Beijing, you should lose yourself in the narrow streets of the Ming and Qing dynasties. For art fans, the Espace 798, a hybrid between a gallery and a workshop, will thrill its audience. Beijing is full of priceless historical treasures that are a must-see: the Great Wall of China, the temples and of course the imperial tombs.

This is the most famous strategic military defense construction in the world. Visiting the Great Wall, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history of this construction that is considered a symbol of China. The Great Wall has a total length of about 6,700km (the length of the Great Wall in Beijing is about 629km).

Located in the center of Beijing city, this place has a large space, visitors coming here will enjoy a wonderful scenery. This place is the palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties with the largest scale and most intact preserved in the world. Stepping inside the Forbidden City, you will admire the unique architecture of the Chinese royal court.

Visiting Tiananmen Square during the Beijing tour, you will be overwhelmed by this massive construction, around the square are planted with many beautifully styled ornamental plants, you should visit the square in the early morning. Walking while breathing in the fresh air, it will give visitors a feeling of relaxation and peace separate from the noisy and bustling city outside.

Beijing not only has the most luxurious and magnificent tourist attractions or the most modern buildings, but also hidden in it the small alleys and ancient streets, which have existed side by side with the capital for thousands of years. Beijing tourists leisurely renting bicycles here will encounter the old town of Hutong.

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Xicheng District

  3.7 km ( miles) away from Beijing

Xicheng District is a district of Beijing

  Travel guide of Xicheng District
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