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Travel Guide of Hangzhou in China by Influencers and Travelers

Hangzhou, also romanized as Hangchow, is the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang, People's Republic of China. It sits at the head of Hangzhou Bay, which separates Shanghai and Ningbo.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Hangzhou


1 - West Lake

West Lake is a freshwater lake in Hangzhou, China. It is divided into five sections by three causeways. There are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens, and artificial islands within the lake.

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West Lake things to do in Hangzhou West Lake things to do in Hangzhou

2 - Xihu

West Lake is a freshwater lake in Hangzhou, China. It is divided into five sections by three causeways. There are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens, and natural/artificial islands within the lake.

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Xihu things to do in Hangzhou Xihu things to do in Hangzhou

3 - Shore Excursions in Hangzhou

   16 km away

Well, Hangzhou is home of Longjing tea. Tea is an important contribute to human's life. It is pleasant to see the tea plantation to understand the tea culture: How do people pick up the tea leaves? Why they still use hand to roast the leaves in the pot? Why the first cup they only put a little water to brew the tea? All those questions will be answered by your spot understanding. Authentic, breath-taking view make the tour well worth your trip to Hangzhou. * Discover the beautiful countryside surrounding Hangzhou on a private tour * Hotel pick-up and drop-off, and round-trip vehicle transfer included * Visit the Dragon Well Tea Village, and learn how to pick tea with authentic tools * Stop for a traditional tea house and take part in a tea ceremony

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Shore Excursions in Hangzhou things to do in Hangzhou

4 - Jingci Temple

Jingci Temple is located at the foot of Huiri Peak of Nanping Hill. It is the second prominent Buddhist temple beside West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Together with Lingyin Temple, it is called the jewel of the southern and northern hills. The temple was claimed as a key national Buddhist temple in Han areas by the State Council in 1983.

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Jingci Temple things to do in Hangzhou Jingci Temple things to do in Hangzhou

5 - Leifeng Pagoda

Leifeng Pagoda is a five story tall tower with eight sides, located on Sunset Hill south of the West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Originally constructed in the year AD 975, it collapsed in 1924 but was rebuilt in 2002.

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Leifeng Pagoda things to do in Hangzhou

6 - Gondola Cruises in Hangzhou

   16 km away

Discover 2 beautiful China Water Town of Wuzhen and Xitang on a private trip from Hangzhou. Travel to 1,300-year-old Wuzhen, and stroll around the canals, bridges, and Ming-era houses in the late afternoon and continue to amazing Xitang where you can appreciate the sunset as well as the river view under the moonlight. All entrance fees, boat ride, dinner, private guide and transfer service are all included.

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Gondola Cruises in Hangzhou things to do in Hangzhou

7 - Lingyin Temple

   6 km away

Lingyin Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Chan sect located north-west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. The temple's name is commonly literally translated as Temple of the Soul's Retreat.

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Lingyin Temple things to do in Hangzhou

8 - Xixi National Wetland Park

   9 km away

Xixi National Wetland Park is a national wetland park in China, located at the west part of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, a total of 1,150 hectares.

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Xixi National Wetland Park things to do in Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park things to do in Hangzhou

9 - Culinary Tour in Hangzhou

   16 km away

This afternoon tour in Hangzhou will bring you to visit an interesting Cuisine Museum with accurate modes of various foods and a featured food street which is not only popular among tourists but also among local people and impress you with the great food as well as the gorgeous night view of this romantic city. While enjoying the yummy food, our professional guide will introduce the stories behind the food. We will surely bring you a wonderful yummy tour in Hangzhou.

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Culinary Tour in Hangzhou things to do in Hangzhou

10 - West Lake Hangzhou Jixianting Jinianzhang Automatism Shouhuoji

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West Lake Hangzhou Jixianting Jinianzhang Automatism Shouhuoji things to do in Hangzhou

11 - Hangzhou Dianzi University

   18 km away
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Hangzhou Dianzi University things to do in Hangzhou

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Why should you visit Hangzhou ?

Travel to Hangzhou if you like:

  🏞️ Waterway     🌲 Nature reserve     🏞️ River     🗼 Landmark     🏰 Pagoda  

Learn More about Hangzhou

Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province, is the fourth largest metropolis in China.

Three hours by train (190 km) southwest of Shanghai, Hangzhou is considered the "tourist capital of China",

Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the western lake is punctuated by dykes, bridges, small shaded islands, and bordered by green hills where temples, pagodas, and tea houses are hidden. There, you must taste the famous green tea, Longjing.
Hangzhou is worth visiting mainly for the beauty of the site, the walks in the hills (prefer the dawn or the dusk), the visit of the Tea Museum, the Traditional Medicine Museum, and the Chinese Architecture Mosque, one of the most beautiful in China. The evening market is fun. If you want to stay one or two nights in Hangzhou, it is better to choose the less crowded west bank.

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province, the People's Republic of China.

It is a major tourist resort that attracts visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty. 

The famous Western Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a friendly, refreshing, and welcoming place that offers an intense and enjoyable experience.

Hangzhou also has an ancient history, dating back to the 1100s, making it a city with a rich cultural heritage, especially from the Middle Ages. The existence of temples and religious sites completes its appeal.

What to do in Hangzhou?

  • 1. Discover a Chan temple

Located near the center of Hangzhou in the west, Lingyin Temple is the oldest temple in the city. Affiliated with the Chan Buddhist sect, Lingyin was founded in 328 CE and in the 10th century had 3,000 monks. Today, it is smaller in size but retains its historical grandeur. For example, the ceiling of the Hall of Heavenly Kings has exceptional murals of dragons and beasts. The Hall of the Great Hero is even more grandiose and is notable for its huge golden Buddha and numerous saints.

  • 2. Visit the Fei Lai Feng Caves

Right next to Lingyin, another display of Buddhist treasures awaits to be admired. These are the Fei Lai Feng Caves, which are located in Flying Mountain. They have a total of 345 statues and are probably one of the birthplaces of Chinese Buddhism. According to the story, Fei Lai Mountain was flown in from India to plant the seeds of Buddhist enlightenment and devotees have since carved impressive statues into the limestone cliffs.

  • 3. Admire an impressive human work

On its own, Wulinmen is an unassuming pier near Wulin Square in downtown Hangzhou. However, it has a distinctive nuance. Two thousand years ago, Hangzhou became the terminus of the Grand Canal, an incredible waterway linking the north and south of China over a distance of nearly 2000 kilometers. In Hangzhou, you can take a canal cruise to see this engineering marvel as you pass under elegant stone bridges and relive the lifestyle of the merchants who forged China. Few places are as steeped in history.

  • 4. Have fun at the amusement park

At first glance, Hangzhou's largest amusement park seems extravagant, perhaps because it is dedicated to the Song Dynasty (950-1200). In reality, it is a real spectacle. You can watch splendid re-enactments of the sung romances of the time, with acrobats and dance troupes, but also admire the traditional ceremonies in its reconstructed streets or enter some haunted houses. A wide range of illusions coexists in the mysterious street, blending, as everywhere in the park, with history and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Hangzhou

Where to sleep in Hangzhou?

Staying in a good hotel is one of the first steps to a successful vacation. Indeed, a good accommodation can make your vacation even more a bad one can spoil a stay

You will find something for every budget, from small charming guesthouses to large hotels located in the city center, near the main sites to visit, or in the surrounding countryside. That is why we have selected for you the best hotels in Hangzhou, combining comfort and quality of service.

One or two days are enough to visit the city.

The West Lake with its small islands and its profusion of the lotus is a must. In the city center, it is recommended to make a detour to Hefang Jie for its old shops with their carved wooden fronts, in particular the Hu Qing Yu Pharmacy. You can also climb Yuelun Hill to admire the Six Harmonies Pagoda.

  • To complete your stay in Hangzhou, a visit to the Longjing tea plantations in Meijiawu will delight green tea lovers.

  • A trip to Tian Mu Shan National Park (2 hours by bus from Hangzhou) for its subtropical vegetation, bamboo forests, and thousand-year-old Ginkos is also a breathtaking experience.
Hangzhou Bay. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta and is formed by the Qiantang Jiang River which flows into the East China Sea located east of the city.

  • Every year, tourists come on the 18th day of the eighth lunar month (mid-September) to admire the long waves breaking on the bay. At this time, they can measure up to 10 meters high and move at a speed of 30 km per hour.

  • The Hangzhou Bay Bridge in the north of the bay is an impressive building. China put it into service on May 1, 2008. This bridge connects the city of Jiaxing and the city of Ningbo with 35.7 km of the viaduct over the sea and serves the Zhoushan archipelago.

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