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Travel Guide of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile by Influencers

San Pedro de Atacama is a Chilean town and commune in El Loa Province, Antofagasta Region. It is located east of Antofagasta, some 106 km southeast of Calama and the Chuquicamata copper mine, overlooking the Licancabur volcano.

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Discover our travel guide of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in San Pedro de Atacama:

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Travel Tips for visiting San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama

The Chilean village of San Pedro de Atacama is located in the heart of one of the driest deserts in the world - Atacama.

Tourists from all over the world are attracted by the archaeological area of Tulor, in whose territory many unique artifacts have been discovered. And San Pedro de Atacama is one of the few places in the country where you can try real peppers. It grows here in arid conditions, which makes it incredibly sharp. The architecture of the village has its flavor - all the buildings are built in the same style. As a rule, they are adobe clay houses. To explore the area, it is best to rent a bicycle. The main attraction of the village is the church of San Pedro, built in the 17th century. You can find many souvenir stores and handmade objects on the main street of Caracol. You should pay special attention to the picturesque environment. For example, the geysers of El Tatio, the lagoons of the Altiplano, the Valley of the Moon, and the Atacama Salt Flat.

Discover the Atacama Desert

Considered as the aridest of the planet, because of its location in altitude in the Andes Cordillera, where the thermal amplitude is important (25 to 30 degrees during the day against 0 degrees at night), it hides, in reality, other particularities. The natural border between Chile and its neighbors Bolivia, Argentina, and Peru, this desert is spectacular. The journey begins most often at the doors of the village of San Pedro de Atacama, at 2500 meters of altitude. This village shelters in a maze of dirt streets, a magnificent church of the XVIIth century.
On foot, on horseback, or by mountain bike, the adventure continues to the salt lakes, with their changing colors. The famous Salar de Atacama is the largest salt desert in the country and the third-largest in the world. The silhouette of the pink flamingos in the only shadow that can be seen on these expanses of salt and water.
Among the other natural landscapes, the Miscanti and Miniques lagoons with their emerald green colors, the geysers of El Tatio but also the volcanoes still inactivity. A desert that reserves many surprises and which has nothing monotonous. It is not for nothing that it is qualified as one of the most beautiful and surprising in the world.

Discover the Giant of Atacama

This immense anthropomorphic geoglyph is located on the side of the Sierra Unida, 15 km in the northeast of the Chilean city of Huara in a full desert of Atacama.
Contrary to the immense images of Nazca in Peru, this sympathetic giant of a length of 90m, is visible on the ground if one posts in a few hundred meters of the foot of the hill.
To whom do we owe this human representation, to what was used it? Many questions and hypotheses have been raised. The most convincing leads us to believe that it would be about an indigenous authority, topped by an ornament and hidden behind a mask of feline.

His real name is the "Giant of Tarapacá" and he represents a civilizing god that came from the Titicaca Lake, civilizing the populations that he met until the Pacific coast.
Perhaps these drawings served as landmarks for the caravans on their way through the desert.
Being part of a set of 21 geoglyphs on the hillside, the giant of Atacama is endangered by tourists. Other geoglyphs are found in the province of Iquique, in Santa Rosa, and on the Cerro Pintados, some 390 drawings grouped in 60 series

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What to do in San Pedro de Atacama ?

Here is our list of the best things to do in San Pedro de Atacama :

  • Los Flamencos National Reserve.
  • Photographic tour in the Salar de Tara.
  • Atacama Salt Flat: 
  • Cejar Lagoon and Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache.
  • Andean villages: Toconao, Socaire and Machuca.
  • Mars Valley,

The best months to have good weather in San Pedro de Atacama (Atacama Desert) are January, February, March, April, September, October, November, and December.

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