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Travel Guide of La Paz in Bolivia by Influencers and Travelers

La Paz, officially known as Nuestra Señora de La Paz, also named Chuqi Yapu in Aymara, is the seat of government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. With an estimated 816,044 residents as of 2020, La Paz is the third-most populous city in Bolivia.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in La Paz


1 - El Alto

   10 km away

El Alto is the second-largest city in Bolivia, located adjacent to La Paz in Pedro Domingo Murillo Province on the Altiplano highlands. El Alto is today one of Bolivia's fastest-growing urban centers, with an estimated population of 943,558 in 2020. El Alto is the highest major metropolis in the world, with an average elevation of 4,000 m.

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El Alto things to do in La Paz

2 - Yungas

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Yungas things to do in La Paz Yungas things to do in La Paz

3 - Archaeology Tours in La Paz

Shrouded in mystery until quite recently, the ancient city of Tiwanaku is still far from being completely excavated and surveyed. Evidence suggests the area around the site was inhabited as early as 1500 BCE. As the settlement grew to city size it began to influence surrounding areas. As a city-state, it blossomed between 300CE and 1000CE, after which it declined due to changing weather patterns which resulted in less rainfall. Although much of the site was disturbed by looting, which began soon after Tiwanaku’s decline, it is possible to observe the high level of sophistication and skilled stone working, that were characteristic of Tiwanaku during its height. Join this 8-hour tour and discover Tiwanaku and Titicaca in one day.

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Archaeology Tours in La Paz things to do in La Paz

4 - Chacaltaya

   16 km away

Chacaltaya is a mountain in the Cordillera Real, one of the mountain ranges of the Cordillera Oriental, itself a range of the Bolivian Andes. Its elevation is 5,421 meters.

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Chacaltaya things to do in La Paz Chacaltaya things to do in La Paz

5 - Potosi

   26 km away

Huayna Potosí is a mountain in Bolivia, located near El Alto and about 25 km north of La Paz in the Cordillera Real. Huayna Potosí is the closest high mountain to La Paz.

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Potosi things to do in La Paz

6 - Shore Excursions in La Paz

Tiwanaku is one of the most important sites in South America, this civilization which gave birth to the Incas. We also leave archaeological sites of great interest, monolithic structures, temples, pyramids and museums which help us to understand the development of life in South America.

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Shore Excursions in La Paz things to do in La Paz

7 - North Yungas Road

   43 km away
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North Yungas Road things to do in La Paz

8 - Mountain Bike Tours in La Paz

The Death Road biking tour is simply the best option for a full day of adventure and adrenaline in one of the most impressive places in Bolivia, ”El camino de la muerte”. 

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Mountain Bike Tours in La Paz things to do in La Paz

9 - Climbing in La Paz

Play out your superhero dreams: Dress up as Spiderman and jump out of a 17th-floor window of a building in downtown La Paz! This rappelling adventure is the perfect fix for adrenaline junkies. Pick out a costume to wear, attend a safety briefing, and get fitted and strapped into top-of-the-line equipment by expert guides. Practice on a mini-wall before your 164-foot (50-meter) descent! Rigged into your harness, rappel down the side of the building. When you reach the sixth floor, let go of the rope (and your fears) as you free fall for several seconds before landing on the bottom platform unscathed.

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Climbing in La Paz things to do in La Paz

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