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Travel Guide of Dinant in Belgium by Influencers

Dinant is a Walloon city and municipality located on the River Meuse, in the Belgian province of Namur. It lies 90 kilometres south-east of Brussels, 30 kilometres south-east of Charleroi and 30 kilometres south of Namur.

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Travel Tips for visiting Dinant

Dinant is a small town located in the Walloon region of Belgium. It is situated on the Meuse River, and is known for its citadel, which is a well-preserved medieval fortress. The town also has a number of Gothic churches, and is a popular tourist destination.

Some travel tips for Dinant, Belgium include:
-exploring the Citadel, which overlooks the city
-taking a boat tour on the Meuse River
-visiting the Grottes de Han, a nearby cave system
-trying the local delicacy, Gaufres de Liège (Liège waffles)
-enjoying the views from the top of the Adolphe Sax Statue

There are many great travel experiences to be had in Dinant, Belgium. However, one of the most memorable and unique experiences is a visit to the Grottes de Han. These caves are located just outside of Dinant and offer visitors the opportunity to explore a truly amazing underground world. The caves are home to a variety of different animals, including bats, and the experience of exploring them is unlike anything else.

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