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Travel Guide of Bruges in Belgium by Influencers

Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium, in the northwest of the country, and the seventh largest city of the country by population.

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What you will see and do in Bruges:

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Travel Tips for visiting Bruges

Bruges, the Venice of the North

Tourist destination and medieval city located in Belgium

The city is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Bruges is the ideal place for a romantic, cultural, and shopping weekend/city break.
Few tourist destinations are unanimous. Bruges, in Belgium, is one of those city-states that, thanks to its rich past and its concern for preserving its heritage, has succeeded in combining modern life with a rich past.

Bruges, a must-see tourist city in Belgium

Its artistic collections, it is gentle way of life, its romantic aura, and its architectural appeal are some of the assets of the little Venice of the North, the jewel of Flanders, and a must-see stop in Northern Europe.
A rich maritime city in the 14th century, the city has preserved from that period a rich and mastered architecture with discreet and elegant finishes.
On the program of a visit to Bruges: a stroll on the canals, a visit of the architectural heritage, beer, waffle, and chocolate tasting, and why not a little bike ride.

Visiting Bruges - What to do for a weekend?

Bruges is generally the most famous city in Flanders: with its historical center and its canals, Bruges is not lacking in charm and deserves a visit.
Many people visiting Bruges just pass through, just do a tour of the center and a boat trip and stay only one day.
The surroundings of Bruges are also interesting and can be the object of a nice excursion, for example by bike.
Visiting Bruges in 2 days seems to be the best formula 

Bruges the chocolate paradise 

Belgium is world-famous for its exquisite chocolate and you won't find a better place to buy it than in the beautiful city of Bruges. Here are three addresses to find the best chocolate in Bruges. A selection, obviously, all subjective.

  • Chocolatier Dumon, for tradition

If there's one shop that most closely captures the essence of Bruges, it's Chocolatier Dumon. When you walk through the doors of this kind of the cottage, you will be spoilt for choice. These artisans offer a wide variety of chocolates, including candies, figurines, and bars. All of their chocolate is handmade by the family that runs the store using the finest raw materials.

  • The Old Chocolate House, for the gourmet break

The Old Chocolate House is not only a chocolate store, it is also a tea room where you can taste them. Their hot chocolate is simply exquisite; you will be able to choose the type of chocolate from which you want it to be made. Their beans come from all over the world, so after enjoying your drink, don't forget to take home some sweet souvenirs.

  • The Chocolate Line, for the crazy

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, check out the Chocolate Line. This store offers many unusual items, such as chocolate lipstick (yes it does), chocolate pills, and their famous red chocolate lips. Even their collection of chocolate coins is full of surprises, from the bacon-infused Miss Piggy to the wasabi-flavored Green Tokyo.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Bruges

When to go to Bruges?

The months of May to September are the hottest, but it rains the least between February and May.

The month of May is the best weather compromise.

Bruges can be visited on foot as most of the attractions are in the center.
It is also possible to use a bicycle. From the train station, the bus serves the center in a few minutes.

There are many chocolate shops in the historical center:

  • Chocolate & Happiness: for all tastes
  • The Old Chocolate House: tea room and chocolates
  • The Chocolate Line: really incredible chocolates
  • Depla: traditional and authentic chocolates

The best places to eat are close to the busy areas, restaurants offer generally low prices and fast service.
A few streets away, more authentic and quality-oriented restaurants and pubs offer nice alternatives.

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