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Travel Guide of Twelve Apostles in Australia by Influencers and Travelers

The Twelve Apostles Marine National Park is a protected marine national park located on the south-west coast of Victoria, Australia.

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How to visit Twelve Apostles ?

To get to the Twelve Apostles, the most convenient option is to rent a car and drive along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne, which takes approximately 4 hours. Alternatively, you can join an organized day tour or multi-day tour departing from Melbourne or other nearby towns, such as Geelong or Torquay.

It's not necessary to book anything in advance to visit the Twelve Apostles, as the site is open 24/7 and free of charge. However, if you choose to join an organized tour or plan on staying overnight in the area, it's wise to book your accommodations and tour reservations in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

Visiting the Twelve Apostles is free, but costs associated with your trip include car rental, fuel, accommodations, and meals. Organized tours vary in price depending on the length and inclusions. If you're traveling on a budget, consider visiting the site as a day trip from Melbourne.

The best things to do in the Twelve Apostles area include walking the scenic paths and boardwalks to admire the limestone stacks from various viewpoints, visiting the nearby Gibson Steps to access the beach, and exploring the surrounding national parks such as Port Campbell National Park and Great Otway National Park. These parks offer opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and spotting native Australian wildlife.

For dining options, consider 12 Rocks Cafe and Beach Bar in Port Campbell, which offers delicious seafood, burgers, and a picturesque view of the beach. Alternatively, you can dine at The Alcove Cafe in Port Campbell for a more casual meal or snack, or head to Forage on the Foreshore, which focuses on locally sourced ingredients and offers beautiful ocean views.

Accommodation options near the Twelve Apostles include the Port Campbell Motor Inn, which offers comfortable rooms and an outdoor pool, or the Southern Ocean Villas, providing spacious self-contained villas perfect for families or groups. For a more unique experience, consider staying at Pebble Point, which offers luxurious eco-friendly glamping tents with beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

Off the beaten path:

For an unusual travel experience in the Twelve Apostles area, consider taking a scenic helicopter tour, which provides an unparalleled view of the limestone stacks and rugged coastline. Alternatively, visit the lesser-known but equally beautiful Loch Ard Gorge, a picturesque cove steeped in history and accessible by a short walk from the nearby parking area. Finally, consider exploring the Great Ocean Road during the quieter winter months, when you can witness the dramatic power of the Southern Ocean as it crashes against the coastline, creating an unforgettable experience.

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