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Travel Guide of Melbourne VIC in Australia by Influencers

Melbourne is the capital and most-populous city of the Australian state of Victoria, and the second-most populous city in Australia and Oceania.

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Melbourne VIC !

Discover our travel guide of Melbourne VIC in Australia made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Melbourne VIC:

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Travel Tips for visiting Melbourne VIC

Melbourne is located in the south-east of Australia, on Port Phillip Bay, capital of the State of Victoria. It is often compared to its rival Sydney and has a population of 4 million. A dynamic, cosmopolitan and multicultural metropolis, it is also creative and gourmet. You'll need your favorite Melbourne travel guide to make sure you don't miss anything.

It can be seen that, each season in Melbourne is a different beautiful picture. So you can travel to Melbourne Australia at any time of the year. But if you choose to come to Melbourne in winter, remember to bring warm clothes. There is a special feature of the climate in Melbourne, that is the weather is erratic. You can feel all four seasons in just one day when coming here.

Located not far from the city center, the royal botanical garden is a prime tourist attraction of the green parkland that extends south of the Yarra River. When you come here, you will get the feeling of being close to nature and enjoy the fresh and peaceful atmosphere after days of traveling in vibrant places.

The National Gallery of Victoria is the oldest public art gallery in Australia. Currently, the National Gallery of Victoria has more than 70,000 works of art in two city locations. This place is famous for the Great Hall, you will get the wonderful feeling of lying on the floor and gazing at the colorful stained glass ceiling.

With a height of 297m, the Eureka Skydeck 88 tower will challenge your fear of heights. At the same time, when you set foot on the top of the tower, Eureka Skydeck 88 also gives you a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Melbourne. If you've been to Eureka Skydeck 88, don't forget to stop by The Edge. This is a glass block built out of the building 3m. When you stand on this small space, it means you are 300m above the ground.

Besides visiting the tourist attractions of Melbourne, enjoying the attractive dishes of this city is an indispensable experience in the journey. For the beautiful city of Melbourne, the Australian cuisine you must try once is Massive Wieners, meat pies, Meringue Pavlova, Bush Tucker.

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