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Travel Guide of Mar del Plata in Argentina by Influencers and Travelers

Mar del Plata is a city in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the head of General Pueyrredón Partido. Mar del Plata is the second largest city in Buenos Aires Province.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit in Mar del Plata


1 - Santa Elena

   16 km away

Santa Elena is a small town located on the left side of the Parana River, in the North of Entre Rios, Argentina. It has beautiful beaches and it is also one of the best places to go fishing in Entre Rios, in fact, Santa Elena is known as “The Fishing Paradise”.

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Santa Elena things to do in Mar del Plata

2 - Chapadmalal

   21 km away

Chapadmalal compound is an official retreat of the President of Argentina. It is located on the southern coast of Mar del Plata, in the Buenos Aires Province, and serves as a summer residence. It has an hotel complex nearby.

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Chapadmalal things to do in Mar del Plata

3 - Miramar

   39 km away

Miramar is an Argentine city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Buenos Aires Province, 450 km south of Buenos Aires. It is the administrative seat of General Alvarado Partido. The name “Miramar” comes from the words mira and mar.

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Miramar things to do in Mar del Plata Miramar things to do in Mar del Plata

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Why should you visit Mar del Plata ?

Travel to Mar del Plata if you like:

  🏖️ Coast     🏘️ Cottage     🐾 Wildlife     🏖️ Shore     🏖️ Beach  

How to visit Mar del Plata ?

To reach Mar del Plata, you have several options. The most common one is flying into the city's Astor Piazzolla International Airport (MDQ) from Buenos Aires or other major Argentinian cities. Alternatively, you can take a comfortable long-distance bus from Buenos Aires, which takes around 5-6 hours. You may also consider renting a car and driving along the scenic coastal roads.

In order to make the most of your visit, it is advisable to book some things in advance. During the summer season (December to February), accommodation and popular attractions can fill up quickly, so make sure to reserve your hotel room and any tours or activities you're interested in.

The costs in Mar del Plata can vary depending on your preferences. Budget travelers can find affordable accommodations and food options, while those seeking luxury can indulge in high-end hotels and fine dining experiences. On average, expect to spend around $50-100 per day, including accommodation, meals, and activities.

Some of the best things to do in Mar del Plata include relaxing on the beautiful beaches like Playa Grande, Playa Varese, and Punta Mogotes, visiting the famous Torreón del Monje and Mar del Plata Aquarium, strolling along the waterfront at Paseo Marítimo, and exploring the vibrant shopping district of Güemes.

For delicious meals in Mar del Plata, consider visiting Alito, a popular seafood restaurant with a stunning ocean view, or Manolo, a traditional Argentinian eatery known for its churros and empanadas. For a fine dining experience, try La Lucila, an elegant restaurant offering exquisite local and international dishes.

When it comes to accommodations, Mar del Plata offers a wide range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. For budget travelers, consider staying at Hotel Iruña or Hotel Costa Galana. For a more luxurious experience, you may opt for Sheraton Mar del Plata Hotel or NH Gran Hotel Provincial.

Off the beaten path:

For a unique and unusual travel experience in Mar del Plata, venture out to the nearby Laguna de los Padres, a picturesque natural reserve located about 20 km from the city center. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful day surrounded by stunning landscapes, go for a hike, take a boat ride, or try your hand at fishing. The area is also home to a historic Jesuit mission, which you can explore for a glimpse into the region's past. This serene escape from the bustling city life will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories.

Learn More about Mar del Plata

400 km from Buenos Aires, the city of Mar del Plata,

also called "Happy City" or "Pearl of the Atlantic" is an important port city of about 630,000 inhabitants. 

Located near other seaside resorts, the city of Mar de Plata is one of the main tourist centers and can receive up to three million visitors during the summer.

 Equipped with an important tourist infrastructure, Mar de Plata can also be visited all year round and offers multiple activities; sports tourism, ecological tourism, fishing, cultural events. The Casino Central, the Banquina de Pescadores, and the Casa Bruzzone museum are some of the places to see. You can also get away from the hustle and bustle of the main beach by riding a horse or a bicycle along the large, white, deserted beaches.

Mar del Plata, a city in the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, is an icon of the country's economic and social progress in the 20th century. This spectacular city, commonly nicknamed La Feliz, combines a fishing tradition, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, some of the best beaches in Argentina and modern and surprising architecture. Read on to find out the best places to visit in Mar del Plata.

Varese Beach

Also known as Varese Bay, this beach is one of the most beautiful and crowded beaches in Mar del Plata. It is located near one of the most emblematic monuments of the city: the Torreón del Monje. This pleasant beach is located in an artificial bay formed by two stone breakwaters that delimit it and control its waves. The main visitors to Playa Varese are families and sportsmen who take advantage of its safe waters to practice water sports. There are tents and umbrellas available for rent, as well as two shops on the beach where you can buy food and drinks.

Port of Mar del Plata

In the port city of Mar del Plata, a visit to one of the main engines of its economy could not be missing: the fishing port. Here you will find several attractions for tourists, such as the boat cemetery and the fishermen's bench where you will find the classic wooden boats that are so characteristic of the place. In the afternoon, when the fishermen return with the catch of the day, we recommend that you go to the port and watch how tourists and locals come to buy the best fresh fish and, if you wish, try it yourself. Also, on your walk around the port you will be able to see a reserve of sea lions that rest near the fishermen all year round, a real spectacle.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Mar del Plata

When to visit Mar de Plata?

The best time to visit Mar del Plata in Argentina is from January to March and December when the temperatures are pleasant and almost no rainfall.

The highest average temperature in Mar del Plata is 25°C in January and the lowest is 11°C in July.

The most popular things to do in Mar del Plata to do with kids according to Tripadvisor travelers are:

  • Torre Tanque.
  • Parque Gral San Martin Mar del Plata.
  • Lourdes Grotto.
  • Varese Beach.
  • Beaches of Chapadmalal.

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